Jul-Dec 2020

2020 11 06 Plus Peter 083502 MediumFollowing heavy overnight rain which continued into the morning, twenty walkers, including the leaders, braved the wet conditions and started on the Towlers Bay Track at 8.30 am. About 1.3 km into the walk we branched off onto the Birnie LO track. Needless to say the track was muddy and the vegetation quite wet but the view from Birnie LO was worth the inconvenience. This area, now quite remote and little used, was known as Flagstaff Hill and was popular with picnickers in the late 18 and early 19 hundreds when these folks would come by boat to Lovett Bay and walk up the steep hill.

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                       View from Flagstaff Hil c1890
                      Setting off from the trackhead (left)

2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010155 1 Small                      Today-  view from Birnie Lookout (formerly Flagstaff Hill)on the escarpment above Night Bay to Rocky Point, Elvina Bay, Scotland Island & Pittwater to Mona Vale
2020 11 06 Plus Peter 091453 Small2020 11 06 Plus Margaret P IMG 20201106 WA0005 2                          At the Birnie Lookout View of Walkers pointing to the sea and then to the land

We now continued down this steep hill towards Lovett Bay where the vegetation became more tropical as we reached the water. We continued to skirt Night Bay, a continuation of Lovett Bay and crossed Salvation Creek which flows into the Bay. The previous heavy rain had swelled the creek and made this crossing a little difficult with some slippery rock hopping and some need to step into the water.

2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010156 Small2020 11 06 Plus Hazel P1160504 Small2020 11 06 Plus Hazel P1160532 Small                                 Descent to Night Bay with rock shelter and seat and mangroves and other vegetation at the bottom
2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010163 Small                                     2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010159 SmallCrossing Salvation Creek (very carefully)

2020 11 06 Plus Barbara C 101158 Small2020 11 06 Plus Peter 100431 Small2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010164 Small                                                                                       Along the track en route to Elvina Falls

2020 11 06 Plus Peter 102406 MediumHowever, when we reached the bottom of Elvina Falls for morning tea we began to appreciate all this extra water as the falls were a splendid sight to behold. Morning tea was enjoyed in tranquillity enjoying the falls with the occasional scream from walkers who did not appreciate the attention they received from leeches who were likewise enjoying the wet.
2020 11 06 Plus Peter 102303 Medium2020 11 06 Plus Barbara C 102201 Small

                                                               Arriving at Elvina Falls for Morning Tea and of course taking photographs
2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010158 Small2020 11 06 Plus Margaret PIMG 20201106 WA0012 Medium Small                            Margaret on the return track and submerged water dragon at Night Bay creek crossing

By now the weather began to clear and we retraced our steps back to the creek crossing where some walkers once again did a balancing act over rocks to avoid the water whereas other walkers gave up and slogged ankle deep through the water. HVB caters for all tastes.We now tracked the northern shore of Lovett Bay, past the intersection with the Birnie track we had previously descended, and continued to Woody Point on Towlers Bays. The sun was now out in full and lunch at Woody Point was shared with magnificent views over Pittwater from Newport to Careel Bay.
2020 11 06 Plus Peter 115240 Small2020 11 06 Plus Peter 115303 Small 2020 11 06 Plus Margaret P20201106 115403 Small                                        Off to lunch at Woody Point and inspecting some smal grass trees (Xanthorrhoea minor) on the way
2020 11 06 Plus Peter 123024 Medium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lunchtime view from Woody Point                                                                       
After lunch we ascended the very steep track behind the YHA to the intersection with the Towlers Bay Trail and another magnificent look out over the blue waters of Pittwater. We returned to the cars parked at the end of the Towlers Bay Track and most walkers retired to Terrey Hills for takeaway coffee in the local park.

2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010189 1 Small 2020 11 06 Plus Barbara R P1010194 Small                           On the climb back up; Claude declaims and the view from the lookout
2020 11 06 Plus Peter Map and Track Profile                                                                       and finally,where the walkers actually went

Walkers: Kurt and Bert accompanied eighteen other walkers:Nick B, Clive, Chris B,Don B, Barbara C,Jenny C, Elaine, Martin, Celia, Kas, Hazel, Steve, Margaret and Claude,                                   Barbara R, Guenter, Nick S,Peter. Thanks to First Aiders Barbara R and Peter and Tail End Don B 

Photos: Barbara C (11,16),Hazel (7,8),Margaret and Claude(5,17,21), Peter(1,4,12,14,15,19,20,22,25), Barbara R(3,6,9,10,13,18,23,24), SMH c1890(2)

Words: Kurt


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