Jul-Dec 2020

Twenty-two walkers took up the two options offered for the walk in almost equal numbers. The option of meeting leaders at Meadowbank Station and ending the walk at Rhodes Station resulted in a walk length closer to the programmed 10km length. Those meeting leaders at the advertised Adelaide St playing fields walked an extra couple of kilometres. After the two groups met up on the north end of the Meadowbank bridge, we crossed the Parramatta River then enjoyed the water views along the foreshore of Homebush Bay before crossing the Benelong Bridge which took us through the streets of Wentworth Point.         

                                      2020 11 06 Reg AnneR P1310921  2020 11 06 Reg Pete uktgLSug                                                                                                            The very pleasant environs of the Archery Field provided a comfortable morning tea spot, 

                                     2020 11 06 Reg AnneR P1310924      2020 11 06 Reg Pete vGTDnsrg                                                                                                                       Stylish puppy parking at Wentworth Point                                                         Morning tea                                                

   before crossing the road into the wetlands to explore the former ships’ graveyard, the bird hide, and to observe the local water birds and climb the lookout.

2020 11 06 Reg DonW shipwreck point old slipway Shipwreck point, old slipway and Rhodes in the distance
2020 11 06 Reg Ros 103210 resized

                                                   The group at Shipwreck point

     2020 11 06 Reg Ros 104942   2020 11 06 Reg Ros 104422 resized  2020 11 06 Reg Ros 111629                                                                                      Looking through the mangroves at shipwrecks      Climbing the lookout      Walking towards the bird hides

2020 11 06 Reg AnneR P1310957

     2020 11 02 Reg AnneR P1310950 Copy  20s0 11 02 Regular Don W stilt on nest  2020 11 06 Reg AnneR P1310940 2                                                                                      Black-winged Stilt                                             A Stilt on a nest                                                                  A Superb Blue Wren

Meandering along the Badu Mangrove boardwalk

                                      2020 11 06 Reg Pete S1xiJvGA  2020 11 06 Reg AnneR P1310963

                                            2020 11 06 Reg Pete JHZYikAg  2020 11 06 Reg AnneR P1310965                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Purple Swamphens

and then back along the Homebush Bay foreshore led us to a newly constructed outdoor structure on the waterfront at Rhodes which proved to be the perfect lunch spot before coffee for some at a nearby café after which walkers returned to the station/cars.

                                   2020 11 06 Reg DonW large hills hoist   2020 11 06 Reg Pete jvF9HJkQ                                                                                                                   Large Hills Hoist!                                                                           Rusty mooring point

Leadres: Ros and Lilian, standing in for Lyn, led walkers Rhondda, Annette Ell, Michael & Sue, Anne G, Judy, John G, Aileen, Sue K, Helen L, Bill Mc D, John M, Jan, Elizabeth, Bella, Pete, David R, Anne R, Daryl, and Don Wo.

Our thanks to our additional leaders, Anne G and John G, first-aider Anne G and tail-ender John G. assisted by Michael. 

Words: Ros

Photos: Don w (5,12,18), Pete (2,4,14,16,19), Ros (6,7,8,9), Anne R (1,3,10,11,13,15,17)

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