Jul-Dec 2020

On a showery morning following a massive early morning storm 21 walkers met at The Dingeldei Memorial Shelter which was built in 1962, thanks to volunteers.

A.W. (Bill) Dingeldei was a trustee of the park who did considerable work on it himself. Today the Dingeldei picnic area is a quiet, leafy spot, perched on the hill behind Mount Bouddi


We descended through burrawang bush down many steps to the lookout, at the top of a small rocky hill for morning tea with a view to the sea

a2020_11_13-Reg-Anne_R_burrawang.JPG         2020_11_13-Reg-Marg_P_morning_tea.jpg  2020_11_13-Reg-Lilian_K_morning_tea.JPG

We descended steeply to the Bouddi Coastal Walk and turned to the Little Beach direction

2020_11_13-Reg-Marg_P_track_acroos_Boomi_Moor.jpg                               2020_11_13-Reg-Lindy_L_coastal_view.jpg

The track provided views across Bombi Moore                                      and closer view of the Maitland Bay rock platform


We kept a lookout for dolphins as we walked the mostly level track enjoying the wildflowers

2020_11_13-Reg-Anne_R_Blueberry_ash.JPG 2020_11_13-Reg-Anne_R_dampieraJPG.JPG 2020_11_13-Reg-Don_Wo_callistemon_in_the_sun.jpg

blueberry ash                                                 dampeiri                                                 callistemon in the sun

 2020_11_13-Reg-Marg_P_more_up.jpg      2020_11_13-Reg-Barb_RThe_view_back_on_the_first_steep_ascent.jpg                                 

and then we came to the long ascent to the Bombi Moore Fire Trail

 2020_11_13-Reg-Lilian_K_lunch.JPG   a2020_11_13-Reg-peter_c_angophora_and_xanthorea_forest.jpg

to lunch in the shade                and afterwards the 2km along the fire trail to little beach car park through angophora and xanthorea forest


before the final stretch along the road to return to the cars and enjoy coffee at McMasters Beach surf Club

Words:  Anne G

Walkers: Rhondda, Tim, Michael and Sue, Vivienne, Judy, Lilian, Lyndy, Bill McD, John M, Claude and, Margaret, Elizabeth, David R, Anne R, Don Wa, Don Wo,

Visitors: Daryl S, Peter C

Leaders: Anne G, Barbara R. 

Thanks to First Aiders,  Anne R, Don Wo and Tail enders, Claude P, Don Wo

Photos:Lilian (1, 4,13), Anne R (2, 8, 9), Margaret P (3, 5, 11,15), Lyndy (6), Barbara R (7,12), Don Wo (10), Peter C (14).

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