Jul-Nov 2022


2022 07 01 Regular Margaret P 103157
2022 07 01 Regular HelenA 0938 Signage at the start and the highest point of our walk                                                                2022 07 01 Regular HelenA 1001 Leaders Margaret and Claude
Signage at the start point                                                                                                                                                         The walk leaders

The threat of rain on the radar did not deter 5 hardy walkers to join leaders Claude & Margaret to enjoy a lovely one-way hike from the revised starting place of Joalah Crescent, Berowra Heights to Crosslands Reserve at Hornsby Heights.   In fact the rain stayed away for the majority of the morning with only a little drizzle towards the end as the tree canopy served to keep everyone dry . 

We met at Crosslands Reserve where an easy car shuffle was arranged to take everyone to the start of the walk.   We began with a short fire trail walk to the Naa Badu Lookout, one of the best view points in NSW and from there we re-traced our steps to the start of the Great North Walk

We descended down the steep metal staircase over rock platforms to the trail below which follows the valley and zig zags to Sams Creek.   The crossing of the river is as always pre-carious but well marked with arrows and there were no incidents.   We followed the track via the salt marsh and board walk to the footbridge over Calna Creek to return to Crosslands Reserve. 

Coffee & much laughter was enjoyed at the home of the leaders Margaret & Claude at their home in Hornsby Heights.

2022 07 01 Regular HelenA 0942 A new tree from the ashes of the old                                                                    22 07 01 Regular Claude IMG WA0001      
A new tree from the ashes

2022 07 01 Regular Margaret P 094240

.       2022 07 01 Regular HelenA 1200 Louis at lunch beside Berowra Creek                             2022 07 01 Regular Louis P7011415
                   Lunch beside Berowra Creek

2022 07 01 Regular louis P7011417

Leaders:   Margaret P & Claude 

Walkers:   Helen A,  Louis, Don B, Bill McD, John S (Bill’s carer)

Words and Firsy Aid by: Margaret P    Tail End Charlie: Don B

Photography: Margaret P (1, 6), Helen A (2, 3, 4, 7), Claude (5), Louis (8, 9) 

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