Jul-Nov 2022


A wander in Hornsby, Normanhurst, Waitara & Wahroonga
After a week of flooding rain, necessitating the cancellation of the three planned walks for July 8th, a huge mob (41) of Hillview walkers turned up at Hornsby Station to enjoy an urban walk in brilliant sunshine.

2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Don Wo waiting for action2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Don Wo First history lessson









                            The crowd gathers at Hornsby on a perfect morning                             Barbara giving us a history lesson on significant people in the early history of Hornsby                

  After a longer briefing than usual, which included some history of the area, we headed west past the murals in Dural Lane and on to Frederick Street where we saw the hidden away but impressive California bungalow house & large garden of Leo & Florence Cotton..

 2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Don Wo historic house2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Nick S IMG 0213 1 1









                                                Murals in Dural Lane                                                                                                                Formerly Leo and Francis Cotton's house

2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Sue S 162807 resized2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Don Wo suburban descent








                         Walkers peering through the fence at the Cotton house                                                                Most of the walk was along suburban streets

Leo Cotton was a highly regarded geologist who became Professor of Geology at Sydney University after the retirement of his mentor & friend Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David, also a Hornsby resident. Both men went to Antarctica in 1907-8 with Mawson & Shackleton.
Leo's brother Max (also a scholar) bought part of the Cotton property in 1917 to develop Lisgar Gardens.
Florence Cotton Reserve (opposite the Frederick St house) is named after Leo's wife who died in 1930 after only twenty years of marriage.

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               A wet track down to a creek                                                                                                      Crossing a tributary of Waitara Creek

We crossed Waitara Creek on a bridge near Carcoola Crescent & soon found a hidden pathway & steps through bushland to the crossing of a tributary creek & ascent to a pleasant morning tea spot behind Normanhurst Scout Hall & overlooking the valley.

2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Nick S IMG 0218 1 12022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Nick S IMG 0219 1 1












A sunny spot with rocks and logs for seats to enjoy morning tea

We realised that was enough flirtation with soggy bushland for the day! Later, a foot track & path were followed from Dartford Road on the southern side of the railway line to Normanhurst Station & Edwards Road from where we walked up quiet Russell Avenue to the source of Waitara Creek & to Pennant Hills Road.
Soon another hidden lane off the Pacific Highway was followed to Anulla Place Reserve from where we made our way to & through bushland behind The Grange & through this 1980s Retirement Village to Waitara Station.

2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Don Wo pause for a photo

Pause for a photo

At this stage we had walked over 9kms so twelve people decided they'd enjoyed enough exercise for the day & caught a train to their various destinations.
Those who had their sights set on lunch in Wahroonga Park, followed the highway SE to Carden Avenue then a path that follows the railway to a footbridge over the M1, on to Warwilla Avenue & the pedestrian rail overpass to our lunch destination.
Nine stalwarts stayed for excellent coffee at the Coonanbarra Cafe opposite the park.

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                                                                         Coffee at Coonanbarra Cafe                                                                                                     Waiting at Wahroonga Station

On the approximately 13km walk we only (temporarily & briefly) lost three people! Not bad considering the crowd. đŸ˜‚ Lessons were learnt... & the abandoned were gracious…
The usual HVB camaraderie reached a new level after the week of watery isolation and a great time was had by all.

2022 07 08 Plus Reg Walk Nick S Street Walk2

With many twists and turns it was hard to know where we were but this is where we went

Leaders: Barbara R & Steve

Walkers: Helen A, Nick B, Barbara C, Susan C, Rhondda, Ann, Tim, Elaine, Michael, Jane, John and Ros, Christine G, Carol, Celia, Cherry, Kas, Christine M, Bill M, Lydia, John M, Hazel, Margaret and Claude, Wendy P, Pragati, David R, Anne R, Christine S, John S, Jenny S, Nick S, Sue S, Lyn, Cleona, Louis, Don Wo as well as visiting walkers Rosemary W (becoming our newest member), Irene & Lai

Photos: Don Wo (1,2,4,6,11), Sue S (5, 7,12,13), Nick S (3, 8, 9, 10, 14).

Thanks to Nick B for being tail end Charlie.

Words: Barbara R.

Our thanks to Barbara R for planning the route and for many hours of historical research.


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