Jul-Nov 2022

It was proof positive that HVB members need only the sun to be shining for them to take any walk on offer – when 32 members turned up at Central Station for a somewhat ‘impromptu’ substitute walk.  The programmed walk in North Popran NP having been cancelled because of nearly 500mm of rain in the previous week!

Meeting in the historic Grand Concourse at Central Station, the group moved outside into a sunny (and quieter) spot for a briefing before heading down to Railway Square and a slightly perplexed leader trying to find the start of the ‘Goods Line Walk’ (did I mention there was no recce for this last-minute walk offering?).  Undaunted we proceeded down Harris Street, discovered the ABC HQ, and cut back to intersect the GLW – which was fortunate in a way – as we passed the spectacular UTS Business School building designed by North American Architect Frank Gehry.  Lucky for us, we had our very own architect Tim with us on the walk and he was able to tell us something about it!  With some prompting by Sue F we even went inside to take in the amazing stainless steel staircase (and frighten the security guard… a bit…).

2022 07 15 Reg Louis DSC00002  2022 07 15 Reg Anne R IMG 4008 1
UTS Business School building                                      Stainless steel staircase

Now with the GLW firmly under our feet we headed for Darling Harbour and morning tea looking out over Cockle Bay towards the historic Pyrmont Bridge.  Not quite as historic, leader JohnG explained a little about the former Darling Harbour Goods Yard (now but a memory) and the Western Distributor which crossed it – courtesy of his five year posting as the DMR Construction Site Surveyor (1975-80) when the WD was under construction.

2022 07 15 Reg Ros 20220715 103123  2022 07 15 Reg Ros 20220715 102151
A little bit of history by leader John: Railway Goods Yard and Western Distributor construction

2022 07 15 Reg Margaret P 20220715 100632
Morning tea at Cockle Bay and soaking in the sunshine
2022 07 15 Reg Ros 20220715 101128

Fortified with morning tea, we continued around the water’s edge of Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour, which we crossed via Pyrmont Bridge, and then headed for Barangaroo Headland Park along the recently-opened new section of Wulugul harbour walkway beyond the Crowne (yet-to-be-opened) Casino.  Most walkers were impressed by how ‘almost-natural’ this man-made headland is looking with its weathered rocks and mature trees and vegetation!  And it proved to be a nice quiet, sunny, bushy venue for lunch.

2022 07 27 Reg Anne R IMG 4020 1    2022 07 15 Reg Ros 20220715 113738
A future casino ..... followed by lunch in Barangaroo Headland Park

Lunch over we followed the wharf walkway around Walsh Bay, with its various theatres, then under the Harbour Bridge and joined the busyness of the last day of the school holidays that was Circular Quay, as we threaded our way through the crowds and on past the Opera House to the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG). 

 2022 07 15 Reg Louis DSC00006  2022 07 15 Reg Ros 20220715 122245
Walsh Bay wharves and the ‘Theatre Strip’ and onto Dawes Point under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

A short walk along Farm Cove before turning off to the Botanic Gardens Café for coffee in the dappled sunshine at the outside tables.  From there it was a stroll through the Domain to Macquarie Street and down Martin Place to George Street whereupon the walkers went their separate ways to trains and buses to make their way home after the joy of such a sunny day!

2022 07 15 Reg Don Wo discharged patients  Discharged patients?

 2022 07 15 Reg Don Wo no time for a wardrobe upgrade  2022 07 15 Reg Don Wo will we go in
No time for a wardrobe upgrade but shall we go in?

Walk Leaders, John and Ros, were accompanied by John B, Don B, Susan C, Tim and Lydia, Elaine, Michael and Sue, Anne G, Christine G, Phyllis, Keith H, Lyndy, Diana, Christine M, Dawn, Robyn Ma, John M, Bert, Claude and Margaret, Elizabeth, David R, Anne R, Christine S, Lyn, Louis, Pauline, Don Wo and Visitor Colleen.

Photos: Anne R (2,7); Don Wo (11,12,13); Louis (1,9); Margaret P (5); Ros (3,4,6,8,10) 

Tail End: Don B and First Aid: Lyndy

Words: John G

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