In spite of the showery weather 9 participants met at Summer Hill Station hoping for a mostly dry day.

After a short walk from Summer Hill Station we walked along the Hawthorne Canal through parkland beside the heritage suburb of Haberfield

2022 07 22 Plus Walk Barb canal mural  a2022 07 22 Plus Walk Barb mural

Murals line a connecting tunnel

We then followed the foreshore of Iron Cove walking through parks and gardens with views across Iron Cove to Rodd Island and Rodd Point to Iron Cove Bridge and Birkenhead Point

.2022 07 22 Plus Walk Hazel fish traps  2022 07 22 Plus Walk Hazel bridges  

to have Morning tea under a shelter as the first shower passed through.

2022 07 22 Plus Walk Barb old industry 2022 07 22 Plus Walk Barb new industry. 2022 07 22 Plus Walk Barb foreshore

The Pump House on the waterfront is all that remains of the Balmain Power Station and apartments stand on the site of the Balmain Chemical Works.
Soon we climbed and descended the first of many steep steps leading up and down through a mix of homes of all sizes some with Victorian iron lace others large blocks of Housing Commission flats.

We returned to the waterfront before winding our way behind homes and flats through to Dawn Fraser pool and Elkington Park with views of Snapper, Spectacle and Cockatoo Islands.

2022 07 22 Plus Walk Hazel Dawn Frazer  2022 07 22 Plus Walk Hazel cockatoo

We walked up the peninsular of Louisa Rd to Yurubin Point,where we saw houses of Old Balmain and New Residences

a2022 07 22 Plus Walk Barb house a 2022 07 22 Plus Walk Hazel modern

then returned part way to enter Balmain park

2022 07 22 Plus Walk Hazel park gate

leaving the park we walked alon Wharf Rd beside Snails Bay to Lunch at Ballast Point

The rain set in, so photographers put away their cameras as we walked along the foreshore to Mort Bay

the site of the Mort Bay Dry Dock where Mort’s Engineering Company built steam trains, mining machines and countless other engineering equipment 

Balmain was then a workers town and one of the most important industrial suburbs in Sydney. During WW11 naval vessels were manufactured here. Now within Mort Bay Park the outline of the dry dock can be seen.

We had coffee in Darling St before reaching Balmain East wharf for ferry to city

Walkers: Elaine, Kas, Robyn Ma, Hazel, Barbara R, Anne R Visitor:Leah

Led by: Annette Ell, Anne G

Photos:  Barbara R 1,2,,5,6,7,10   Hazel 3,4,8,9,11,12