Jul-Nov 2022

Twenty six walkers left Bella Vista station for today’s walk in sunshine with at times a chilly wind. Some of the early walkers took advantage of a warming coffee at the station kiosk.  Today’s walk was the linking of two Metro Station walks  -  Bella Vista Station to Norwest Station and Norwest Station to Bella Vista Station on paved paths passing by lakes, creeks, wetlands, parks and some street walking.  Heading off from the briefing our first stop was morning tea at Hilltop Park where sunny spots were very much welcomed.
2022 07 29 ReglarWalk Don Wo briefing  2022 07 29 RegularWalk Deidre MorningTea 102415
After some street walking we then followed a pathway running alongside wetlands and the start of Strangers Creek and onto Norwest Lake.
2022 07 29 RegularWalk Don Wo lakeside walking    2022 07 29 RegularWalk Don Wo tailend view 2
                                     Wetlands Walking                                                                                                  Tail End View
2022 07 29 RegularWalk Don Wo fountain   2022 07 29 RegularWalk Don Wo good water management
          Pretty Norwest Lake surrounded by a range of cafés, restaurants and shops                                                 Good Water Management
With the first of the two station walks completed, some street walking, paved pathways through parks and the Bella Vista Village Green before entering the Bella Vista Farm precinct and lunch. 
2022 07 29 RegularWalk Deidre BellaVistaHouse 122522 4   2022 07 29 RegularWalk Deidre OutbuildingsatBVFarmHouse 121519
2022 07 29 RegularWalk Don Wo Bella Vista    2022 07 29 RegularWalk Deidre Lunch 123146

History of the Area:  This intact historic farm complex is of cultural significance to our nation. Established in the late 1700s, the complex features a two-storey homestead, Bunya Pine lined driveway and various farm outbuildings set on a prominent hilltop. It provides a rare surviving like between the community today, the first European settlers and some of Australia’s earliest rural developments. The first landowner was Joseph Foveaux who held the land for two years. In 1801 his land and two other farms were bought by John and Elizabeth Macarthur. They called it their Seven Hills Stock Farm and it is believed that merino sheep were first bred in Australia here. John Macarthur relinquished the land in favour of another site at Camden in 1821. It was subsequently purchased by Matthew Pearce, a local landowner. The land remained in the Pearce family for three generations and became one of the most important citrus orchards in New South Wales.  In 1950 the land was sold to Norbrik who established a brick pit in the south west corner and leased the rest of the land for farming.  The Hills Shire Council commenced rezoning the land for the development of a business park in 1987. Bella Vista Farm has been owned by The Hills Shire Council since 1998 and it open for viewing on the first Sunday of the month.  (Notes from the Norwest to Bella Vista Stations  -  The Farm Walk Factsheet.)

Coffee was at Zac’s Restaurant and Café Bella Vista where we were very well looked after. Just ask David R!  From Zac’s it was a very short walk to Bella Vista Metro Station and various destinations home.
 2022 07 29 RegularWalk Deidre DavidIceCream 134627 3    2022 07 29 RegularWalk Deidre Coffee 133344 4   2022 07 29 RegularWalk Elaine RedcoffeemugsIMG 6262 3
       Now that's an ice cream!                                                                                                                                                                                       Another view of coffee!

Deidre and Sue B led Nick B, Tim and Lydia, Elaine, Annette Elp, Michael and Sue, John and Ros, Christine G, Diana, Christine M, Bill M, John S (Bill M’s Carer), Robyn Ma, John M, Bert, Elizabeth, Wendy P, David R, Lyn, Pauline, Don Wo, and second time visitor (Fran). Thank you to Tail End Charlie Michael and First Aider Ros. Thank you also to Sue S who joined Sue B and me on the recce.

Words by Deidre

Photos:   Don (1, 3-6, 9), Deidre (2, 7,8, 10-12), Elaine (13)

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