Jul-Nov 2022

Thirty-two walkers gathered at Huntleys Point Wharf for the Huntleys Point Circuit on a morning that was cool and overcast, however the forecast sunny conditions & mild temperature appeared before midday – only a little later than promised by the Weather Bureau.

2022 05 08 Reg Pauline IMG 7609                                                                                               Gladesville Bridge from Huntleys Point
2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 094617                                                                                                              Leader Michael and his auditors                                                                                       
After viewing the always awe-inspiring spectacle of Gladesville Bridge, the walk traversed the grounds of Gladesville Hospital, via one of the many wandering routes available and stopping to view some of the older buildings and the once-beautiful gardens. Construction of the hospital began in 1835 and the hospital was operated as an in-patient mental health facility until 1997. Some buildings have been re-purposed ,but the majority still stand empty.
2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 102709 2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 1024402022 08 05 Reg HelenA 102823                                                                                               Bedlam Bay sign                                Port Jackson Fig and Leader Michael

2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 100735                                                                                             Gladesville Hospital Cemetry
Exiting at Punt Road, a brief stop was made to appreciate “Rockend” cottage, in which Banjo Patterson’s grandmother lived for over 40 years and with whom Banjo stayed while attending Sydney Grammar. Morning tea was taken in Looking Glass Bay Reserve, which was a large industrial site operating between 1922 & 1974 and which was then saved from residential development by vigorous community action. 
2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 103524                                                                               The Group outside Banjo Paterson's cottage
2022 08 05 Reg Louis2022 08 05 Reg Louis Copy

 2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 1046292022 08 05 Reg HelenA 104743                                                                                   Morning Tea and three banana eaters-Phyllis,Elaine and Anne R also Don B and Annette Elp nearby
2022 05 08 Reg Anne Ridley cid 727 Small
  2022 05 08 Reg Anne Ridley Copy Copy Medium   
                                                                                                       Jenny's Labyrinth                     
The walk then proceeded to Glades Bay and, via the Wulaba wetlands walk, to Bill Mitchell Park and Peel Park and a steep on-street climb to cross Victoria Rd, after which a gentle descent brought us to the head of Riverglade Reserve, through which Tarban Creek runs into the Parramatta River

  2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 110022 2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 110923                                                                                                                                                              Attractive playground and attractive balcony nearby                                                                                                                                                                                                 
2022 05 08 Reg Anne Ridley cid 726 Medium2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 112705                                                                                                              Signpost for Wulaba Track and Grevillea
2022 05 08 Reg Pauline IMG 7613                                                                               2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 113231                                                                                     Waterscape recognizable in 1787 on the left but probably not so on the right

The group stopped for lunch at a pleasant sunny spot close to the start of the reserve and, after traversing its length, a short climb took us back up to Victoria Rd, under Tarban Creek Bridge, round Huntleys Point itself and back to the ferry wharf. Those travelling back to the city by ferry disembarked at Barangaroo Wharf where most stopped for coffee and a well-earned rest on the way back to the transport options at Wynyard.
2022 08 05 Reg Louis 3 640x480                                                          A sunny spot for lunch
2022 05 08 Reg Pauline2022 08 05 Reg HelenA 133509                                                                        On the homeward beat                                                            Gladesville Bridge-a different view

 Walkers: Michael and Sue led Michael & Sue F (Leaders), Helen A, Nick B, Don B, Rhondda , Ann D, Tim and Lydia, Elaine, Annette Elp, Anne G, Phyllis, Keith , Aileen ,Cherry, Diana, Christine M, Robyn Ma, John M, Bert, Elizabeth, Pat , Wendy P, Anne R, Christine S, Lyn, Louis, Pauline, Rosemary W and two visitors. Thanks to First-Aiders Christine M & Anne R and to Tail-End Charlie Don B.

Photos: Helen A (2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,14,15,16,18,19),Anne R (12,13,17), Pauline (1,21,22), Louis (8,9,20)

Words: Michael


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