Jul-Nov 2022


2022 08 12 Reg Margaret P 101340

Eighteen walkers gathered at Bondi Beach on a cool, cloudy but pleasant morning which were ideal conditions for this lovely coastal walk.  Although some rain was forecast it was no more than a few drops.

In past programmes the walk to Maroubra was advertised as a Plus Walk and the Coogee destination was advertised as a Regular.   To this end it had been agreed that Margaret would lead to Coogee and Claude would lead on to Maroubra.

2022 08 12 Reg Margaret P 094145Rocks, ocean and sky    2022 08 12 Reg Margaret P 105305Grave of Dorothea MacKellar

 We commenced in the park behind the Pavilion at Bondi and made our way to Tamarama Beach where coffee was available to be enjoyed with morning tea.  Moving on to Bronte, a few of us diverted via the Waverley Cemetery to pay our respects at the grave of our favourite poet Dorothea MacKellar.  On to Clovelly & Gordon’ s Bay we arrived in Coogee Beach south for an “all-together” good-time lunch & much laughter.

2022 08 12 Reg Margaret P 130134Claude showing the way to Maroubra     2022 08 12 Reg Margaret P 133041Maroubra Beach

The group split into two at this point with Claude taking 10 walkers on to Maroubra whilst Margaret took the other 8 for coffee at the KIOSK on Ocean Beach Road.

LEADERS: Claude & Margaret

Tail End Charlie: Barbara C

First Aid Officer: Lyndy 


Coogee:  Annette Elp, Lyndy, Bill M, Elizabeth, Margaret W, Fran and Bill M's Carer John S

Maroubra:  Nick B, Barbara C, Elaine, Michael, Keith H, Celia, Christine M, Bert, Wendy P,

Photos contributed by: Margaret P (1-6) and Barbara C (7)

2022 08 12 Reg Margaret P 112828Gordon's Bay  2022 08 12 Reg BarbaraC 124214Nick alongside the statures honouring a life-saver who died



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