Jul-Nov 2022

 This two-part walk commenced with a group of 5 striding along the Bairne Track, with many stops to photograph the plethora of wildflowers. The track passes through some wonderful woodlands, with many fine tree specimens. When we reached Soldier’s Point, we carefully descended to Bennett’s Wharf via a goat track covered with casuarina needles. The ferry took us to the Basin where we had morning tea with an audience of crow, mynor birds and a kookaburra, with a flock of disinterested cockatoos and some wallabies nearby.

2022 08 26 Plus Hazel P1240424 1 12022 08 26 Plus Barbara C 084819 B 1

                                   Setting off on the Bairne Track                                                                                        A lot of photos were taken on the way

2022 08 26 Plus Barbara C 095440 1 12022 08 26 Plus Barbara C 102144 1 1

                                  Waiting for the ferry at Bennett's Wharf                                                                                 Arriving at the Basin for morning tea

2022 08 26 Plus Hazel P1240500 1 12022 08 26 Plus Polly 103616 1 1

                                        Some of our audiance for morning tea

The climb out of the Basin is long and steep. At the top, the concrete turned to very comfortable fire trail, with more wildflowers and a detour to view the aboriginal rock carvings.

2022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003372022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003402022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003412022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P1000342

                     Grevillea sericea                                  Philotheca salsifolia                                         Boronia ledifolia                                               Dillwynia sericea

2022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003452022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003502022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003512022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P1000352

     Boronia serrulata                            Pheballiium squamulosum                                        Boronia floribunda                                           Ereostomon australasius

2022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003532022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003562022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P10003832022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P1000390

                        Grevillea speciosa                                   Pultenaea ferringea                                       Pattersonia sericea                                          Pultenaea linophylla

2022 08 26 Plus Hazel P1240552 1 1 12022 08 26 Plus Hazel P1240597 1 12022 08 26 Plus Polly 111954 1 1

                                                       Some of the Aboriginal rock carvings we saw                                                                                Fly on a tee tree flower

 2022 08 26 Plus Barbara C 130402 1 12022 08 26 Plus Deidre 130220 2 1 1

                                            Lunch at Resolute Beach                                                                                                Looking Pittwater across to Barrenjoey

After reaching the cars which had been left at the entrance to the Basin Track, we drove to the Resolute Picnic area for part two of the walk and were met by four more walkers. We took the trail down to Resolute Beach, checking out some more aboriginal rock carvings on the way. The vegetation here was much lower, so the trail felt much more open.

Lunch was eaten at Resolute Beach and we then walked on to Great Mackerel Beach where the low tide left a very wide, sandy beach exposed. There was also a shiny yellow sign explaining why we were unable to do the walk as programmed.

 2022 08 26 Plus Deidre 5426002 12022 08 26 Plus Hazel P1240628 1 1

                                                                                                                      Fun at Geat Mackerel Beach

We re-traced our steps along the coast through some lovely forest, accompanied by the sound of the waves lapping the shore. Many steps were ascended to reach West Head Lookout. The view there is, unfortunately, somewhat spoiled by the placement of temporary “safety fencing” while “concept plans” are being developed to “improve visitor safety”. The one brief shower of rain (just enough to warrant donning raincoats) did not detract from a very enjoyable day’s walk.

 2022 08 26 Plus Nick S IMG 03152022 08 26 Plus Wendy C P1000401

                                         The view from West Head lookout                                                                                                          More steps back to the cars

We then returned to the cars via Red Hands Trail. Coffee at Terry Hills went down well.

Walkers: Wendy C, Barbara C, Polly, Kas, Hazel, Barbara R, Nick S, Deidre, and visitor Gloria

Photos: Hazel (1, 5, 19, 20, 25), Barbara C (2, 3, 4, 22), Polly (6, 21), Wendy C (7-18, 27), Deidre (23), Kas (24)  Nick S (26).

Leaders: Nick S and Wendy C.


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