On a fair morning defying the forecasts, 13 members assembled beside Artarmon Station. Some were so eager to begin the walk that they arrived early enough to hop across to the cafe for a coffee. The group followed leaders Pragati and Louis up leafy streets to the Pacific Highway where they crossed near the Shore Apartments and down into Burley Street, making their way through Stringybark Reserve and into the Harry Howard Bush Walk. At this point, Sue peered at the plaque on Harry Howard (1930–2000) and mentioned that he was one of the first members of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and Lane Cove’s Consultant Landscape Architect from 1969 – 1992. Along with Sue’s husband Bruce Stuckey, Parks and Gardens Manager at the time, Harry played a key role in the “re-greening” of Lane Cove and its reconnections to the bushland, working closely with Bruce to reconstruct parks, landscape and revegetate streets using local species.
2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS Briefing 082951 resized 3  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS Sign 095119 resized
            Artarmon Station briefing by leader Pragati                                                                Entering Yangoora Bushland and the Stringybark Creek Bushwalks
The group then entered into the Batten Reserve, still following Stringybark Creek. Skirting Epping Road through bush tracks, the group reached a great spot for morning tea with benches, tables, sinks all under cover, compliments of some Meriton apartments. 
 2022 09 02 PlusWalk BarbaraC StringybarkCreekTrack 090052   2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel ColoursOnTheTracks P1240743 2
                                                                 Greys, browns and greens were the main colours on the tracks today
2022 09 02 PlusWalk Louis MorningTea P9020008  2022 09 02 PlusWalk BarbaraC StringybarkCreekTrack 103720
                                                                                                                   Morning Tea and some Stringybark fun

A short stroll along Epping Road, and partly across the bridge, the group descended some steps to go under the bridge and into the Lane Cove National Park next to the river. Some stoped to admire the creative painting under the bridge. At the Rotary Athletics Field, Louis had to blow his whistle to bring the group together. Surprisingly, some birds in a big nest at the top of the field lights responded to the whistle. Claude identified them as sea eagles, and a large one began to circle above. Noticing the marked tracks on the ground, Margaret was inspire to run the dash, only to have Deidre chase after her. It was neck and neck for much of the way, but Margaret pulled away as the winner. Hats off to these two spritely ladies!  Pushing on, we met a couple who were preparing to put their kayaks into the water for a paddle up to the weir. Continuing through Chatswood Golf Course, as we were about to begin our ascent, who would Claude and Margaret meet up with but one of their sons, Marc, who was jogging. What a coincidence!  Making our way up above Chatswood Golf Course, the group stopped for lunch at a nice picnic/playground near O.H. Reid Memorial Park. 

2022 09 02 PlusWalk Louis Kayakers P9020012  2022 09 02 PlusWalk MargaretP Personfamilytrio IMG 20220902 WA0000 2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS RockShelf 111033 04 resized     2022 09 02 PlusWalk Deidre Lunch 114711 2                                                                                          One of the beautiful caves                                                                                                              Pretty lunch spot     

Once recharged, the group continued the ascent going across O.H. Reid Memorial Park, along some streets and through the Ferndale Park Walk. A few more steep streets, and the destination was reached for a well deserved refreshment at the cafe beside Chatswood railway station.  A walk enjoyed by all. 

  2022 09 02 PlusWalk Louis SpanishMoss P90200182022 09 02 PlusWalk BarbaraC nearlyatChatswood 130911
                              Spanish Moss Tillandsia usneoides                                                                                                                 We made it!       
2022 09 02 PlusWalk Louis Lane Cove NP Stringybark Creek Rail To River Track Recce Full Route  2022 09 02 SueS Coffee 133922 resized
                                  And this is the route we took                                                                                                         Coffee at Pishon Patisserie
Along the way there were flowers, ferns, graffiti, street libraties, an osprey and a memorial.
2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel WongaWongaVine P1240810 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS 093607 Ladysfingers resized 1 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS Spiny headedMat rush 110140 resized 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS HappyWanderer 091053 resized 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel FernFrond P1240849 2
                    (1)                                      (2)                                                        (3)                                                                    (4)                                                    (5)
2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS Large leafBushPea 093649 resized 2   2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS Pomaderris 110210 resized 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS Westringia 100640 resized 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS ScalyPhebalium 093413 resized 2
                         (6)                                                                    (7)                                                                    (8)                                                                   (9)
2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS WeddingBush 145118 Gallery 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk SueS SweetPittosporum 104114 resized 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel ColourfulStreetLibrary P1240738 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel ColourfulStreetLibraryP1240739 2
                                   (10)                                                                    (11)                                                                      (12)                                                   (13)
2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel GraffitiBridge P1240764 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk HazelGraffitiPossum P1240781 4  2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel Osprey P1240799 2  2022 09 02 PlusWalk Hazel Memorial P1240831 2
                                                      (14)                                    (15)                                        (16)                                                        (17)
(1)  Wonga Wonga Vine Pandorea pandorana  (2) Lady's fingers Caladenia catenata (3) Spiny-headed Mat-rush Lomandra longifolia  (4) Happy Wanderer Hardenbergia violacea 
(5) Fern frond (6)  Large-leaf Bush Pea Pultenaea daphnoides (7) Pomanderris Pomanderris sp (8) Westringia Westringia longifolia (9) Scaly Phebalium Phebalium squamulosum ssp squamulosum
(10) Wedding Bush Ricinocarpos pinifolius (11)  Sweet pittosporum Pittosporum undulatum (12 and 13) Colourful street libratres (14) Graffiti under one of the bridges (15) A graffiti possum looking out from under the bridge at Epping Road (16) The osprey we saw at the athletics ground (17) A memorial dedicated to a local, Garry Crossley who helped save the OH Reid Memorial Oval for the community

Pragati and Louis led Barbara C, Phyllis, Kas (Tail End Charlie), Robyn Ma, Hazel, Claude and Margaret (first aider), Barbara R, Deidre, Sue S and Cleona.  

Words by Louis

Photos by Sue S (1, 2, 9, 14, 16-18, 20-25 and flower identification), Barbara C (3, 6, 12), Hazel (4, 15 and flower identification), 19, 26-31), Louis (5, 7, 11, 13), Claude (8) and Deidre (10).