Jul-Nov 2022

 Despite the forecast of rain and possible thunder storms by mid-morning a group of twelve walkers, including leaders, decided to chance the weather and met at Circular Quay. We left by ferry for Rose Bay passing the Harbour Bridge whose flags had been lowered to half-mast to mark this sad day of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

2022 09 09 Plus Hazel 7 Medium
The rain had started early and we commenced the walk at Rose Bay in light drizzle. After walking through the Rose Bay shopping strip we joined the Hermitage Foreshore Walk that winds along the Harbour Edge to Nielsen Park at Vaucluse. Despite the rain and the slippery conditions the walk and views over the harbour were spectacular.

2022 09 09 PlusWalk Deidre KayaksforhireRoseBay 091049    2022 09 09 PlusWalk Deidre MilkBeach 095145 2                                                                Kayaks for hire at Rose Bay and Crossing Milk Beach
2022 09 09 Plus Sue 52022 09 09 Plus Sue 62022 09 09 Plus Sue 7                                                                       Queens Beach                        Carrara House                        Bridge at Parsely Bay Reserve

2022 09 09 PlusWalk Deidre ShelteringundertheporchofNielsenParkKioskCirca1914 101247
                                                               Sheltering under the porch of Neilsen Park Kiosk (1914)
2022 09 09 Plus Hazel 6 Medium2022 09 09 Plus Barbara C 2 Small                                                                 Tree lined avenue at Neilsen Park                                         Diamond Beach
After admiring the spectacular cliffs on this part of the coast we commenced south on the Federation Cliff Walk past Dunbar Head, the South Head Signal Station and Macquarie Lighthouse to Diamond Bay. By this time the sun was shining and it became a beautiful spring day. Part of the Waverly Cliff Walk at Dover Heights is still closed following the destructive storms of a few years ago. Here we took the opportunity to have lunch at the Dudley Page Reserve with extensive views back to the city.
 2022 09 09 Plus Sue 82022 09 09 Plus Sue 112022 09 09 Plus Sue 9                                       Traditional pause at the Dunbar anchor            On to the Coastal Cliff walk with its breathtaking views                       
2022 09 09 Plus Hazel 4 Medium2022 09 09 Plus Hazel 9 Small                                                                         Looking south across Diamond Bay Reserve, Vaucluse  and walking across it.
2022 09 09 Plus Hazel 3 Medium2022 09 09 Plus Hazel 2 Medium
                                  Attractive garden              Sulphur Crested Cockatoo on the  Coastal Walk                                                                                  
         2022 09 09 Plus Hazel Small  2022 09 09 Plus Barbara C Small                                                                      On the Coastal Walk                                        A pair of Nankeen Kestrels                                                 
2022 09 09 Plus Hazel Medium
                                                      Colourful mural at Bondi Beach Public School
2022 09 09 Plus Sue 32022 09 09 Plus Sue S 12022 09 09 Plus Sue 2
2022 09 09 Plus Sue 42022 09 09 Plus Sue S2022 09 09 Plus Sue
Descriptions-top left to bottom right:
    Coastal Rosemary Westringia fruticosa
    Coast Bansia Banksia integrifolia
    Sweet Pittosporum Pittosporum undulatum
    Golden Guinea Flower Hibbertia scandens 
    Coast Tea tree Leptospermum laevigatum
    Sydney Golden Wattle Acacia longifolia

After lunch we completed the walk to Bondi Beach with coffee at the Le Paris Go Café where we were joined by John M.
2022 09 09 Plus Barbara C 4 Medium

Walkers: Kurt and Bert led Barbara C (Tail End), Lyndy,(first aid) Kas, Hazel, Claude and Margaret(first aid), Pragati, Deidre, Sue S and Cleona

Photos: Barbara C (9,17,26), Hazel (1,8,13,14,15,16,18,19), Deidre (2,3,7), Sue S (4,5,6,10,11,12,20-25)

Words: Kurt




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