Jul-Nov 2022

Another 'Substitute' walk; the programmed Curra Moors walk deemed unsuitable because of a NP warning on the track conditions:'Caution'.
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                               Suitablely garbed to cope with the light rain, 13 walkers gathered for a briefing at Como Station.

The first pause was at the site of the Como Hotel, first built by German railway workers and opened in 1876.
There was a destructive fire in the 20th Century, and the hotel was rebuilt.
2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160548 resized2022 09 09 REG Don Wo 0854 como hotel
                                                  Vreni outlining the history and Don Wo taking the photo.

Two adjacent bridges cross the Georges River from Como to Oatley.
The 'old' bridge on the east has been converted to carry pedestrians, cyclists and two water pipes.The pipes carry water from the
Woronora Dam to Penthurst.
The bridge on the left facing (not pictured) is for vehicular traffic.
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    HVB Walkers on 'old' bridge and the water pipe going on to Penthurst. (Bill M says the paint job hides the rust.)

After morning tea (on tables under shelter in the park next to Oatley Station), we walked on streets towards Lime Kiln Bay.
2022 09 09 REG Don Wo 1003 I would like mone of those2022 09 09 REG Don Wo 1002 streetside paperbarks
                   Wonoona Parade West. Oatley: 'I would like one of these' and walking beside the Paper Barks.

Then onto to the Lime Kiln Wetlands walk..
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2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160562 resized2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160563 resized
       Lime Kiln Bay: Rocks, lots of bush, mangroves and some shy birdlife - Pied Comorant and Chesnut Teal Duck.

Oatley Park (and Lunch!!).
2022 09 09 Reg recce HelenA 20220901 121533 resized2022 09 09 Reg recce HelenA 20220901 121533 resized    
      The Frog Hollows Track up to Oatley Park, and the playground in Oatley Park. (It's sunny ... recce photos).

2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160568 resized2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160567 resized
                                                                                 Lunch in the playground.

Views from Webster's Lookout.
2022 09 09 REG Don Wo 1212 como real estateJPG2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160574 resized
                                        'Como Real Estate' and the view to the tidal flats and Como Bridges.

Leaving Oatley Park.
2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160580 resized2022 09 09 Reg BarbR P1160584 resized
                             On the path out , walking beside Jewfish Bay and watched by a White Faced Heron.

There are no photos of the walkers having coffee in the 'back yard' of Oatley's 'One 2 One'.
But the reconoiterers responsibly checked out the venue.
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And, for the record:

Leaders Helen A and Vreni.
Walkers: Nick B, Elaine,Annette Elp, Cherry, Bill M, Dawn, Barb R, David R, Anne R, John S, Don Wo.
First Aider and Tail-End Charlie: Barb R.

Thanks to Mary for joining the recce.
Particular thanks to Barb R and Don Wo for their detailed subect identification with the photos they submitted.

Photos - Barb R:1,2,4,10,11,14,15,17,18,19; Don Wo: 3,6,7,9,16; Helen A: 5,8,12,13,20.

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