Jul-Nov 2022

2022 09 16 EZY Robyn IMG 2975

Ten walkers set off from Warraroon Road, Lane Cove to walk to Tambourine Bay Reserve on the Tambourine Creek Bush Track.


The sun was shining on us but after a big downpour the previous night we needed to be careful not to fill our shoes with mud as the ground was wet and muddy in several places.

On our way we walked beside the river and through the rainforest scattered with lots of tall trees and beautiful ferns.

The sun shining through the trees, birds singing and the sound of little water falls made for a very pleasant ambience.

We were amused by several groups of high spirited school children from St Andrew’s Cathedral School in the city.

They were doing the 7 Bridges Walk having started from their school and walking in the opposite direction to us. One enthusiastic girl even high-fived us!

2022 09 16 EZY Drina Tambourine Bay 2022 09 16 EZY Drina The group after morning tea

On reaching Tambourine Bay we stopped for morning tea, making use of the very well maintained tables and benches which were erected by the Council and built on the site of the former Tambourine Bay Pool.

2022 09 16 EZY Drina Tambourine Bay Well Information           

Everyone decided to walk further around the Bay to Macquarie University Rowing Club passing the Historic Tambouring Bay Well. It was built in 1883 to help collect pure water from a nearby natural spring.

This Well was the source of water for the surrounding districts, with people coming from as far as Hunters Hill and Longueville, especially in times of drought, when the water continued to flow.

Unfortunately the oval fill has affected the clarity of the water. It is now covered with orange coloured iron-feeding algae.

2022 09 16 EZY Drina eny and Ros alongside the big rock  2022 09 16 EZY Drina rocks
Moving along we came to some very interesting rock formations before turning around to head back to the start of the track.

However, it was agreed that we would again stop at the lovely tables and benches at Tambourine Bay for lunch. Eventually we headed back retracing our steps.

Coffee was at Longueville Sports Club (“The Diddy”) – a short drive away. A beautiful walk on a perfect day!
Leader: Robyn Ma.
First Aider: Ros G. Tail-end Charlie: John M.
Walkers: Sue B, Ann D, Ros G, John M, Jenny S, Dennis, Drina, Rosemary W & Margaret W.

Words:  Robyn Ma

Photos: Drina 2-10, Robyn 1.


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