Jul-Nov 2022

16 September- Regular Walk:Sydney Harbour NP-Cremorne to Balmoral

Twenty one walkers met at Circular Quay on a beautiful sunny day.

2022 09 16 RTeg Don Wo Rrjuvenation ogf an icon                                                                                                     Rejuvenation of an icon

We were joined at Cremorne Point by two more walkers. After admiring the view from Cremorne Point we made our way along the path, passing many interesting old homes, to Mosman Bay, where we enjoyed morning tea.

                                       2022 09 16 Regular AnneR turkeys  2022 09 16 RTeg Don Wo male prepariong nest for nearby female

                                           Brush turkeys on Cremorne Point path                                                                   Male preparing nest for nearby female

2022 09 16 Regular Louis briefing                                                            Anne G recounting some history for the group on Cremorne Point

2022 09 16 Regular Louis proteas  2022 09 16 RTeg Don Wo watert dragon                                                                                                            Proteas                                                                         Water Dragon

From there we climbed up the steep stairs to Musgrave Street and along to a viewing point over Sirius Cove, before winding our way down to the Sirius Cove Reserve.

2022 09 16 Regular Louis Sirius Cove 2022 09 16 RTeg Don Wo wild animal about to jumpJPG                                                                                                                             Sirius Cove Reserve                                                                           Wild animal about to jump ...

         2022 09 16 RTeg Don Wo Cremorn Point  2022 09 16 Regular ChristineS Group walking 
                                              Cremorne Point and the city from near Curlew Camp                                         On the track

      A walk along below Taronga Zoo past Curlew Camp, the artists’ camp established during the late 1800s by such well-known artists as Tom Roberts, Sir Arthur Streeton and Julian Ashton, brought us to Taronga Zoo Wharf. Soon after this we headed up and over the hill before descending to the water again at Chowder Bay, where we had lunch, and watched the many Brush-turkeys parading around.

                                                         2022 09 16 Regular ChristineS Chowder Bay        
                                                                                                                               Chowder Bay

From there a climb up the Bungaree Track led to the old gun emplacement overlooking Georges Headland.

2022 09 16 Regular Louis lookout                                                                                                                              Lookout above Georges Head

2022 09 16 Regular MargaretP Group photo                                                                                Group photo at the Georges Head Lookout

Finally a climb down the steel staircase led us to Balmoral Beach and welcome coffee.

2022 09 16 Regular Louis Balmoral                                                                          Arriving at Balmoral Beach

2022 09 16 Regular MargaretP Coffee                                                                     Take-away coffee on the Esplanade 

Walkers: Nick B, Don B, Elaine, Michael and Sue, Phyllis, Bill M, Dawn, Bert, Claude and Margaret, Guenter, John S, Kurt, Vreni, David and Theresa, Louis, Don Wo led by Anne G and Anne Ridley

Words: Anne R

Photos: Anne R (2), Don W (1,3,6,8,9), Louis (4,5,7,12,14), Margaret P (13,15), Christine Ji (10,11)



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