Jul-Nov 2022

2022 09 23 Reg Plus Barbara C Medium                                                                                      

After an early morning start from Sydney, twenty six walkers assembled at the entrance to the Blue Mountains NP on Mt Hay Rd for a car shuffle to the trackhead.Setting off  in very misty conditions but with little wind, was in marked contrast to to the last time this walk took place in 2018 in a howling gale.   
The group steadily climbed the rather rough track past the Pinnacles shrouded in an eerie mist then followed the undulating track sighting some Waratahs en route, to arrive at Mt Stead Look-Out for morning tea. The mist denied us the normally spectacular views across the valley to Fortress Ridge and Govetts Leap.  




2022 09 23 Reg Plus Anne R2022 09 23 Reg Plus Deidre 2 Medium                Striding out on the track and ignoring the weather  Morning Tea at Mt Stead                                      
2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 4 Small2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 2 Medium                                                                                                       Views from the track approaching Lockleys Pylon
Continuing along the track for a further 1.5 km we reached the foot of Lockleys Pylon which was then ascended in intermittent drizzle which remained with us for the entire walk. With only limited views from the summit, we descended on the other side of the pylon and returned by a circuit route to the point where we originally ascended, and had lunch.
2022 09 23 Reg Plus Deidre 3 Small2022 09 23 Reg Plus Deidre Medium2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 5 Medium                                                                          The View from the top of Lockleys Pylon (left) and sheltered lunch in the mist and rain
2022 09 23 Reg Plus Deidre Small                                                                                                     On the recce -spectacular views
With most views obscured, the decision was made not to descend by approximately two hundred steps to Du Faurs Head but rather to make our wasy back to the trackhead. From that point we returned to the Park entrance to reclaim our cars.
 2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 6 Medium2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 11 Medium                            Walkers in the mist on the return track and rounding the Pinnacles                     
A  selection of flowers seen on the track
2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 82022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S Large2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 32022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 7 Medium

2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 10 Medium2022 09 23 Reg Plus Sue S 12 Large
Top left to bottom right:
- Vanilla Lily Sowerbaea juncea, Philotheca Philotheca hispidula, Eggs and Bacon Dillwynia retorta,  Waxlip Orchid Glossodia Major, Waratah Telopea speciosissima, 
  Guinea Flower Hibertia saligna
2022 09 23 Reg Plus Anne R 2                                                                                                The Waratahs on the track brightened an otherwise gloomy day

As almost everyone was continuing on to Lithgow for the weekend, a decision was made to drive to Blackheath where our after walk coffee was enjoyed at the Altitude Cafe.


Walkers: Bert  and Deidre led Leah, Wendy C, Barbara C, Susan C, Elaine, John and Ros (First Aid), Mary, Kas, Robyn Ma, Dawn, Hazel, Claude and Margaret, Pragati, David R,                          Barbara R, Anne R, Kurt, Nick S (Tail End), Deidre, Sue S, Lyn, Drina and a visitor

Photos: Barbara (1), Anne R (2,18), Deidre (3,6,7,9), Sue S (4,5,8,10-17)

Words: Bert

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