Jul-Nov 2022

If you listened to the weather forecast, you’d never go anywhere.’ A truism from HVB’s legendary Jill.
The sixteen walkers who met at the Australian Botanic Gardens enjoyed a perfect walking day –
some high cloud and the occasional windy spell. No rain.

We followed two self-guided walks.
The ‘Central Valley Walk’ in the manicured gardens and undulating hills with views to the four compass points,
and then the ‘Woodland Walk’ through a remaiing pocket-size piece of the Cumberland Plain Woodland.

The Central Valley Walk

2022 09 30 Regular DonWo Mt Annan daisies2022 09 30 Regular MargP 20220930 131613a

2022 09 30 Regular Pauline IMG 7781 small2022 09 30 Regular PeterR Small692D7DF4
Paper Daisies, native flowers, trees and ferns in the 'Connections Gardens

22 09 30 Reg Don Wo tie the knot2022 09 30 Regular PeterR Small41D8A120
Peter and Bella waving from 'The Wedding Knot' and the group pondering  'The Sundial'.

A return walk along the Ridge Track was HVB's extension of the Camden Valley Walk  ......

2022 09 30 Regular MargP 20220930 100919              
                                                                Bunya Pines and different land formations on the Ridge Track

....the intention being to look at the distant Sydney skyline and enjoy morning tea

2022 09 24 Regular HelenA recce Ridge Track the view to the east small2022 09 30 Regular PeterR SmallEC4E9DEA
The recce day view of Sydney from the Botanical Garden's 'Ridge Track'          Morning tea taken whilst looking at distant rain and mist

22 09 30 Reg Don Wo water features
                                                          Nearing the end of the guided walk and approaching the lunch spot.

2022 09 30 Regular PeterR Small6BC467AC 2022 09 30 Regular PeterR SmallE77F7FD1 2022 09 30 Regular SusanC 3
                                                                                             Lunch was a shared affair

The Woodland
Ten walkers decided to tackle the 4km Woodland Walk.
Sad to report the Woodland is under threat and listed as a Critically Endangered Ecolological Community,
in many places badly affected by weeds, fertiliser run-off and rubbish.

2022 09 30 Regular Pauline Eucalypts
2022 09 30 Regular SusanC 4

At left: Eucalypts and above:

A section of the Upper Canal System,
a gravity-fed aquaduct
that connects the Upper Nepean Scheme
with the Prospect Reservoir.

Click here for the Wikipedia entry on the Upper Canal System

Back at the Visitor Centre, the walkers purchased coffee/icecream/other end-of-walk-treat and walked to the car-park as a rain shower passed overhead:

22 09 30 Reg Don Wo testing time 10 30Walkers: Susan C, Elaine, Cherry, Bill M, Margaret P (1st Aid), Bella and Peter, John S, Jenny S, Lyn, Margaret W, Don Wo and 1st time visitor Eileen
Leaders: Annette Ell, Helen A and Tail-end Charlie Pauline.

Words: Helen A
Photos:Don Wo:1,5,10,16; Margaret P: 2,7; Pauline: 3,14; Peter R: 4,6,9,11; Bella 12;
Susan C: 13,15

At left: The Sundial was spot on (AEST).

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