2022 10 21 Regular Christine S MacMasters Beach 20221021 094047

19 walkers started walking along the sand at MacMasters Beach, north around the headland to Copacabana Beach, and past Cockrone Lagoon.   
We were then grateful to be off sand but faced the long, steady climb along Del Monte Place to Captain Cook Lookout on Tudibaring Head where we had morning tea.  

                  2022 10 21 Regular Don Wo coastal view2022 10 21 Regular Don Wo briefing

The briefing

       a2022 10 21 Regular Don Wo M T at CaptCook lookout2022 10 21 Regular HelenA 0956 Copacabana only the second beach

Cocabana Beach                                                                          Morning tea at Captain Cook Lookout    

We shared the lookout with a young man who alerted us to whales and dolphins below.

2022 10 21 Regular Don Wo whale watching CC lookout                 2022 10 21 Regular Christine S Descent from Capt. Cook Lookout to Whinney Beach 20221021 105505

A helpful Council worker alerted us that the road was closed due to major excavation work. The resourceful leaders had recceed an alternative bush track from the lookout.  The clifftop walk around to Winney Bay involved amazing concrete steps down and we diverted to look at the rocky bay.  We then faced a steady uphill climb on a gravel road to the Avoca Water Tower.   We decided to press on to lunch at Avoca beach.   Concrete steps and a grassy path took us downhill to our lunch in the pavilion.            We then proceed along Avoca Beach, returning to the cars near Avoca Lagoon. 

                2022 02 10 21 Regular HelenA 11382022 10 21 Regular Don Wo short stop at a rocky beach
Winney Bay

2022 10 21 Regular HelenA 1025 House with a view                           2022 10 21 Regular Don Wo eucalypts in flower CC lookout                                                       
House with a view                                                                                                               Eucalyptus in flower

2022 10 21 Regular Barbara R Avoca Beach P1160856

Walkers: Barbara R,  David R, Helen A, John G, Elaine, Christine M, Michael and Sue, Lyn, Margaret P (First Aid) , Mary, Wendy C, Claude (tail end), Bill M, John S, Don Wo, Christine S

Led by:  Ros and Anne G

Photography: Christine S (1, 7), Don Wo (2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11), Helen A (4, 9, 10), Barbara R (12).