Twenty-two walkers arrived for the final Regular walk of the year, on a beautiful sunny morning.   The leaders were a bit disconcerted to find signs saying the Resolute Trail was closed, but after inspection it was decided that it only applied to the Fire Trail at the end of the track, and an alternative was possible.

The walk commenced with the bush track, with many steps, down to the spectacular West Head lookout, where we had morning tea.  Then along a narrow track towards Mackerel Beach, with a side trip down to West Head Beach (some walkers opted to stay at the top).

2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo an easy part of the trackAn easy part of the track  2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo admiring the viewJPGAdmiring the view

A little further on was the descent to Resolute Beach, but we bypassed this because of the time, and thought we could include this on our way back.  At 11 o’clock, appropriately close to the remnant bunkers from World War 2, we stopped and held a minute’s silence, in remembrance.

The track was narrow, with many tree roots, and a few tricky rocks to navigate, but all were successful, and lunch was at Mackerel Beach. 

2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo a tricky part of the trackA tricky part of the track  2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo lunch at Mackeral BeachLunch at Mackeral Beach
2022 11 11 RegularWalk Pauline image 3  2022 11 11 RegularWalk Pauline image 4
2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo a sailing classic for lunchtime entertainmentA sailing classic at lunch

 We then retraced our steps to Resolute Beach, but there was a marked lack of enthusiasm for exploring down and up to another beach!  At the point where we doubted whether the track was open, we met a group of young walkers, who assured us the track was open. So, more steps (250 according to Mary).

 2022 11 11 RegularWalk Pauline image 5Going up...  2022 11 11 RegularWalk Pauline image... then down

At the top we met the Fire Trail, where we found the track work had been completed, and the track was in much better condition than when we did the recce.  So back to the cars, followed by coffee at Terrey Hills.

2022 11 22 RegularWalk Margaret P 20221111 111757 MResolute Beach

Wild life:  2 goannas, 1 echidna, seen by a fortunate few, abundant bush turkeys, one tick embedded (and thanks to Tim for saving the day with his Tick Off).

2022 11 11 RegularWalk Lyndy 20221111 091007Local resident?  2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo blandfordia grandifloraBlandfordia grandiflora  2022 11 11 RegularWalk Don Wo native tobacco ion flowerNative tobacco ion flower

Comments at the end of the walk centred around “challenging” but “rewarding”.   Well done all!

Thanks to Lyndy and Ros for First Aid, and John as tailender.

Elaine and Dawn led Tim, Annette Ell, John and Ros, Mary, Christine G, Phyllis, Colleen, Keith H, Lyndy, Bill M, Sally, Robyn Ma, Bert, Margaret P, Elizabeth, Kurt, Lyn T, Pauline, Don Wo.

Photography: Don Wo (1,2,3,4,7,12,13); Lyndy (11); Margaret P (10); Pauline (5,6,8,9)