Jul-Nov 2021

Thirty-one enthusiastic walkers gathered and chatted, celebrating the chance to be back on the track again after such a long break, all HVB walks and activities since late June having fallen victim to the 2021 Covid lockdown. 
2021 10 22 RegularWalk DonWo BriefingJPG                                                                                                                             Leader, Ros briefs the walkers
Walkers were challenged by the changed route with the ascent to the track out to the Cityviews Lookout drawing comments such as ‘difficult but rewarding’. The changed route, ably navigated by assistant leader John G and his phone app, was a response to sections of the Pennant Hills Fire Trail having been closed for maintenance. 
2021 10 22 RegularWalk PeteR LeaderLyn raEB3qp8   2021 10 22 RegularWalk PeteR Walkers i6IsVb9Y
                                                                                                                    Leader, Lyn with walkers following
A fine and sunny day compensated somewhat for the blackened appearance of the bush near the lookout where the view was enjoyed with morning tea. The burnt bush was the result of a recent hazard reduction burn. 
2021 10 22 RegularWalk PeteR newgrowth 7PLF5m g  2021 10 22 RegularWalk PeteR GrassTrees H7d94cfk   2021 10 22 RegularWalk PeteR newgrowth nP UE57A
2021 10 22 RegulrWalk PeteR CityViewLookout 27ARxM w  2021 10 22 RegularWalk PeteR Descent M7DORPnQ
The steepish descent to the Great North Walk was navigated without serious incident and walkers were generally stoic in response to the discomfort of the cobblestone surface of the section of the GNW that took us to Devlins Creek where we continued back to our starting point, crossing the many creek crossings - all of them dry because of our good fortune that none of the predicted rain on the day and the days preceding the walk had eventuated.
2021 10 22 RegularWalk AnneR Cymbidium suave Snake Orchid  2021 10 22 RegularWalk AnneR Grevillea aspleniifolia Fern Leaf Grevillea 2 resized  2021 10 22 RegularWalk SueB Flannelflowers 121709 2021 10 22 RegularWalk DonWo black wattle 
 (1) Snake Orchid Cymbidium suave    (2)  Fern Leaf Grevillea Grevillea aspleniifolia (3)  Flannel Flower Actinotus helianthi  (4)  Black Wattle Callicoma serratifolia    
2021 10 22 RegularWalk DonWo kookaburra chomping   2021 10 22 RegularWalk DonWo kookaburra digging                                                                                                                                                             Kookaburra 'chomping' and Kookaburra 'digging' 
Lunch was enjoyed in the sanctuary of the grounds of Marie Byles’ property, Ahimsa, previously unknown to many of the walkers. Walkers were grateful to Tail-ender Nick B, first-aiders Lyndy and Don Wo, and Guenter for directing traffic.
2021 10 22 RegularWalk Lyndy LunchatAhisma

Leaders: Lyn and Ros, assisted by John G.
Walkers: Nick B, Sue B, Elaine, Annette Ell, Michael, Anne G, Phyllis, Keith, Aileen, Sue K, Helen L, Lyndy, Chris M, Bruce, Georgina, Bill M, John S, Robyn Ma, Lydia, John M, Claude and Margaret, Elizabeth, Pete and Bella, Guenter, Anne R and Pauline.

Words by Ros

Photos by Don Wo (1, 12-14), Pete R (2-8), Anne R (9, 10), Sue B (11), Lyndy (15)

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