Due to the weather forecast of 35 degrees at 1 pm, the leaders decided to shorten the walk by leaving out the climb to Thornleigh Park (substitute for Pennant Hills Park which was closed). This made the distance approx. 8-9 km instead of 12 km and allowed us to finish by approx. 12.30. Despite the weather forecast and the steady increase of the temperature throughout the morning, 25 intrepid walkers turned up at the George Christie playing field in Wahroonga. They were ready for a pleasant day and catching up with walking friends after the lengthy COVID break. The walk took us down to the Lane Cove River and into the National Park. The track - very ‘ rubbly’ at times - followed the river which we crossed several times. Due to the lack of rain the river was almost dry, but not dry enough to stop a dog from finding a smelly hole to cool down in! The STEP Track which started approx. 3.5 km downstream is well maintained and very scenic, especially at our Morning Tea spot. Cockatoos seem to own that part of the bush. After morning tea we followed the STEP Track which eventually led us back to the river and again on the rubbly track back to the oval. Some steep sections were slightly taxing but lunch under a shady tree and the promise of a cup of coffee certainly made up for it. A good time was had by all!

(Editor's Note: STEP Inc was originally South Turramurra Environment Protection. It grew out of local opposition to the proposed construction of netball courts at the end of Canoon Road in a poorly chosen location that is still causing problems for local residents. HVB members were active in the protest movement and in the formation of STEP. The organisation has grown well beyond South Turramurra and is very active in the wider environmental movement. Among other things it has created the STEP track we walked on, published some detailed maps of the Lane Cove Valley area and published some excellent books including Field Guide to the Bushland of the Lane Cove Valley.     See STEP)

Don B and Vreni led Helen A, Nick B, Susan C, Tim and Lydia, Elaine, Annette Ell, Anne G, John & Ros, Kas, Bill M, Dawn, Robyn Ma, John M, Bert, Kurt, David S, Deidre, Cleona, Theresa, Don Wo, John C

Words: Vreni

Photos: Helen A (9,11), Deidre (4,7,10,12), Don Wo (1,2,3,5,6,8,13)


2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo briefing                                                                                                                            Leader Don B briefing the troops 

    2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo flowering privetJPG           2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo sign says wet sc forest                                                                     Plenty of weeds and flowering privet                                                                             The sign says "Wet Sclerophyll Forest" - no mention of privet


               2021 10 29 RegularWalk Deidre RubblyTrack 112656 3                   2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo walkers wait for photographer                                                                      Track very rubbly in places!                                           Patient walkers waiting for the photographer

2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo step track delight  2021 10 29 RegularWalk Deidre StepTrack 100223  2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo step track grass trees                                                                                                                             Attractice sights and steps, along the STEP track

2021 10 29 Reg Walk Helen A 1026 Bush view through a tree  2021 10 29 RegularWalk Deidre MorningTea 102725  2021 10 29 Reg Walk Helen A 1045 Two cockatoos prepare a nest                                     Creative stump                                                                   Morning tea                                                                                                                   Cockies at work on their nest

2021 10 29 RegularWalk Deidre Lunch 123256        2021 10 29 Reg Walk Don Wo covid craftwork                                                                       Welcome lunch break, after a steep final climb on a very hot day!                                                                          Covid cairns?