Jul-Nov 2021

Forecast high temperatures deterred a number of walkers, but a committed (or perhaps foolhardy, depending on your perspective) five set off with ample water and high spirits. Overcast skies and a pleasant breeze kept conditions easy as we started along Simon’s fire trail then on to a bush track to a lookout. Hazel tested the bush swing while others took in the view.

We passed the rusting skeleton of an old vehicle before joining the GNW and heading steeply down a rough track to a delightful, though sparse, waterfall (or trickle) and then on to the historic Steele Bridge. After listening to the history of the bridge, well researched by Hazel, we continued on a forested fire trail still marvelling that the temperature was so comfortable. There were many fine specimen of native timbers, including some very large and old scribbly gums.

Once we reached Tunks Ridge Camping Ground, we pressed on, skirting the base of the ridge until we reached the end of it and then took a short but steep scramble to the top. The view was well worth the effort, and we enjoyed morning tea there. We strolled along the top of the ridge and completed the loop back to the camping ground before re-tracing our steps, pausing at the first lookout for lunch.

While the day finished with the temperature rising, they were well short of the prediction and the breeze kept conditions comfortable and spirits remained high throughout a very convivial day


2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P2120338
                                                                    The group of walkers at the first lookout over Berowra Valley National Park

2021 10 29 Plus Wendy C DSC002902021 10 29 Plus Wendy C DSC00286
                                                     Making our way along a well-forested fire trail                                                                      Hazel testing the bush swing 

2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P21203512021 10 29 Plus Hazel P2120341
   The very snazzy new style GNW sign                                 Peter providing some engineering insight about the wrecked vehicle we came across

2021 10 29 Plus Wendy C DSC00293
                                                                                                                                 Waterfall (trickle)

2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P21203552021 10 29 Plus Hazel P2120357
Crossing the large steel & timber Heritage Bridge, which spans Berowra Creek north of Fishponds           Sandstone overhang, seen from the bridge 

2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P21203622021 10 29 Plus Peter T 20211029 101229
One of the interesting , fire damaged trees we saw, before scrambling to the top of Tunks Ridge

2021 10 29 Plus Wendy C DSC003082021 10 29 Plus Wendy C DSC00309
                                        Delightful bush on the top of Tunks Ridge                                                                                         An impressive scribbly gum

2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P2120365
                                                                               Enjoying morning tea & the cooling breeze at the lookout

2021 10 29 Plus Peter T 20211029 105053

2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P21203812021 10 29 Plus Hazel P2120420
                                                  Vegetation on the ridge                                                                                                A study in green. Scenery along the Simon Trail

2021 10 29 Plus Hazel P2120382
                                      A Swordgrass Brown Butterfly - Tisiphone abeona. Spotted as we began our walk back down from the ridge

2021 10 29 Plus Peter T 20211029 1059352021 10 29 Plus Peter T 20211029 1058122021 10 29 Plus Peter T 20211029 105514


Walkers: Peter T, Geunter and Celia were led by Hazel and Wendy.

Words by Wendy

Photos By: Hazel (1,4,5,7,8,9,13,15,16,17),  Peter T (10,14,18,19,20),  Wendy C (2,3,6,11,12).







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