Jul-Nov 2021


Nine people gathered for the EZY walk to Whale Rock.  We wandered down the hill to Browns Waterhole, where we had morning tea.  We saw many birds in the Lane Cove River valley.

We followed the river upstream and crossed the river onto the Devlins Creek Track.  The work on the track in progress last Friday had all been completed.  We saw a few water dragons along the track.  At Whale Rock two walkers climbed to the top of the rock to have their photos taken.

We then made our way back to Kissing Point Road on the same track.  Five of us stopped for lunch at the logs near the Cannon Road track intersection.  The afternoon became very hot.  We had coffee at South Turramurra in the park behind the shops at a shady picnic table under a large red cedar tree.

2021 10 29 Ezy Robyn Mi IMG 0200
                                                                                               On top of Whale Rock 
2021 10 29 Ezy Robyn Mi IMG 0185                               2021 10 29 Ezy Lyndy 091612

2021 10 29 Ezy Robyn Mi IMG 0195 2

2021 10 29 Ezy Robyn Mi IMG 0193       2021 10 29 Ezy Robyn Mi IMG 0187      2021 10 29 Ezy Lyndy IMG 4258

2021 10 29 Ezy Robyn Mi IMG 0194

Walkers:  Margaret B, Sue B, Annette Elp, Bruce and Georgina, Elizabeth and Dennis.
Led by:  Robyn Mi and Lyndy.         Photos: Lyndy 3 & 7, Robyn Mi 1,2,4,5,6 & 8. 



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