Jul-Nov 2021

 Despite forecasts of a possible 2-5 mL of rain, 8 hardy walkers turned up to brave the weather and set off from the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park Park entrance at North Turramurra to walk 2.25 km to Glengarry Avenue to enter the bush via the Darri track.

2021 11 05 Plus Sue S 083248 resized                                                                                                                 Briefing on Bobbin Head Rd                                                                                                 
2021 11 05 Plus Hazel IMG 15012021 11 05 Plus Peter 100952
                 King Parrot on the Darri Track
2021 11 05 Plus Peter 0950202021 11 05 Plus Peter 10593122021 11 05 Plus Peter 105338
                                                                                   Shapes and fascinating colours from fungae and bark

The Darri track crosses upper Cowan Creek before it gradually ascends parallel to St Ives Chase. It then joins the Warrimoo track leading to a lookout above the lower reaches of Cowan Creek. We stopped for morning tea here to enjoy the view. It was here that the keen photographers among us felt the need to take some novelty shots.The track down to sea level has had extensive work done by National Parks and we enjoyed some very well built newly installed stone steps, which seemed to get us to the bottom in record time. There was evidence of track renewal in several other places along the track beside Cowan Creek, including some of the crossings of side creeks. This made for very pleasant walking.  

2021 11 05 Plus Peter 102627 22021 11 05 PlusWalk Deidre MorningTeaSonjaHuddlesSeat 103124
                                                                                          Morning Tea at Sonja Huddle's chair

2021 11 05 PlusWalk Deidre IsthatPeterTlookingthroughtheholeintheoverhand 104912                                                                               Is that Peter looking through the hole in the overhang of the cave?
2021 11 05 Plus Peter 1046122021 11 05 Plus Sue 111047 resized

   Newly made sandstone steps at a creek crossing after MT (left) and posing on some other steps 

2021 11 05 Plus Hazel2021 11 05 Plus Peter 0935462021 11 05 Plus Sue S 132943                                         Sue S. and Peter on the Darri Track       Wendy C admires the flowers         Track through the rocks

2021 11 05 Plus Peter 110417






                                                                                  The tranquil waters of Cowan Creek

2021 11 05 Plus Sue S 100307 resized2021 11 05 Plus Sue S 092721 resized2021 11 05 Plus Sue S 074254 resized2021 11 05 Plus Sue S 092712 resized
Bronzy Boronia  Boronia thujona, Narrow-leaved Bottlebrush  Callistemon linearis, Stiff Cassinia  Cassinia denticulata,Red Spider Flower  Grevillea speciosa

Just before the marina at Bobbin Head, Sue spotted a rare Black Bootlace Orchid Erythrochus cassythoides, which rangers were later very excited to hear about. 

2021 11 05 Plus Sue S 122943 resized 1
Sue S's botanical find, very rare Black Bootlace Orchid (Erythrorchis cassythoides.) and email comment from Michelle at NPWS Bobbin Head Office:
"Thanks so much for sending this in; I hadn’t heard that it hadn’t been found for 9 years, so amazing that you spotted it! I’ll forward this onto the Area on your behalf. Really appreciate you coming into the VC today with such uplifting news!"

Lunch was had at the picnic grounds at Bobbin Head in a newly constructed picnic shelter, which was very comfortable. From here we had a front row seat of plovers nesting on open ground and divebombing a group who approached much too close. After lunch, we retraced our steps to the marina and then turned left up a short foot track, where we saw a tongue orchid Dochrillia linguiformis clinging to a rock. 
2021 11 05 Plus Hazel IMG 14992021 11 05 Plus Hazel IMG 15042021 11 05 Plus Hazel IMG 1510                        The nesting Masked Lapwing  Tongue Orchid  (Dockrillia linguiformis)  Was this the culprit that sampled Hazel's blood?

The foot track soon met the Bobbin Head Track, which zigzags to the top of the ridge. With the end in sight, the pace increased along the flat firetrail, with only a brief stop to look at the aboriginal engravings. We were just in time though, to get a coffee at North Turramurra. 
The forecast rain never eventuated on this walk, with only brief spots of rain on 2 occasions lasting less than 30 seconds each. There was plenty to talk about as we enjoyed each other’s company and the bush. Total distance covered was about 16.25 km. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks especially to Sue for her knowledge of native plants.
2021 11 05 Plus Peter Track Profile with distance
Note Further pictures taken by Peter can be viewed by clicking :Peter's Google Photo Album

 Walkers: Jenny and Peter led Wendy C,Hazel,Deidre,Sue S,Cleona and Bert

Photos: Hazel (3,12,21,22,23), Deidre (7,9), Sue S(1,10,14, 16,17,18,19,20), Peter (2,4,5,6,8,11,13,15,24)

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