Jul-Nov 2021

12 intrepid walkers set out on the Callicoma and Westleigh Circuit at 8.30am.
The weather had looked a bit wet overnight but we met at the end of Bellamy St Pennant Hills anyway and were greeted with high cloud, which held off for the entire walk.
The walk headed down a paved path but quickly headed into the Great North Walk along leafy dirt tracks to The Jungo, where we embarked on the Callicoma Circuit and to our morning tea (& multiple de-leeching) spot on some convenient rocks.

After transiting Cherrybrook Lakes, we completed the Callicoma Circuit and re-joined the GNW to walk up to Westleigh.

We followed alongside several streams and at points crossed them, with small and large birds warning of our arrival into their territory.
We saw Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, heard Bellbirds and Whipbirds; as well as wee little Gerygones, which flitted around on low branches near us.
Ros pointed out some orchids and other plants to those nearby.
We saw amazing rock shelves and water running in the creeks.
We felt the large trees and many grass trees were happy to have us pass them by.
Maybe we were less happy to climb steeply up to Westleigh, spurred on by the thought of lunch on top of the rise, overlooking the valley.

A small road section then joined us to our third stint in the bush and our Westleigh leg ended, passing the Zig Zag Quarry, with the smell of coffee drawing us ever onward.
The happy bunch had coffee at Monday Morning Cafe opposite Thornleigh station but minus John M, who had babysitting duties.

Many thanks to Michael for coming to Lyndy’s aid after her abandonment by Nick. (Not his fault really; Holiday business took precedence).
Many thanks also to Mary for her alternative walk suggestions, which were all implemented.

All’s well that ends well and a great day out was had by all.

2021 11 05 Reg Don Wo 0741 Briefing

2021 11 05 Reg Lyndy 20211105 091832 resized2021 11 05 Reg Lyndy 20211105 091852 resized
                                                                                                                   On the way to The Jungo

2021 11 05 Reg Don Wo 0825 will we do itjpg2021 11 05 Reg Lyndy 20211105 093953 resized
                                                      'Will we do it?'                                                                                           Nope. Today is a short walk.

2021 11 05 Reg Lyndy 20211105 100131 resized2021 11 05 Reg Don Wo 0924 rock shelter
                                                                                                                                                                             'Rock shelter.'

2021 11 05 Reg Don Wo 0817 it was a trigger plant2021 11 05 Reg Don Wo 1147 flannel flowers and kunzea
                                              'It was a Trigger plant.'                                                                              'Flannel flowers and Kunzea.'

2021 11 05 Reg Don Wo 1029 dad at work
                                                                                                                           'Dad at work.'

 For the record:

Leaders Michael and Lyndy with Elizabeth, Keith, John and Ros, Lyn, Dawn, John M, Don Wo, Sue F, Vreni & Lyn .

Tail Ender: John G (thanks, John).
First Aid: Keith and Lyndy.

Words by Lyndy.
Photos by Lyndy 2,3,5,6. and Don Wo 1,4,7-10.. ['Thanks for your captions Don!']

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