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2019 01 11 Postcards Bert 2019 01 11 Kurt apres walk med

 Over the summer holidays, friends and family tend to give far too much of the good things in life.

President Kurt has been a recipient of such hospitality.

But he will be 'stepping' to fitness, starting at Bondi this Friday, and hopes to meet us all there!

And, speaking of Friday - Back to Business.
The walk report editors for the walks on Friday 15 February are:
EZY - Helen A and Regular/Plus - Deidre.
Can you kindly send your words and images to Helen and De?





2019 01 25 Postcards Deidre 20190125 094404 125 January: 'An early morning South Coast Passage cruise out of Huskisson around Pt Perpendicular
.....fantastic experience and beautiful weather.
Including a view of Drum and Drumsticks through a window in the rocks in Gum Getter's Inlet.
Best wishes to all,
Many thanks De - from an editor who didn't know about the seal colony.

2019 01 25 Postcards Deidre 20190125 093337 1.

2019 01 15 Postcards Elaine Bateau Bay IMG 3580 2January 15. 'A postcard from Bateau Bay - 6.40am.  Elaine'

... and around HVB's base in Turramurra we swelter. Thanks, Elaine!

2018 12 23 Postcards Drina Seasons Greetings 3

2018 14 12 Postcards 20181212 070612 resized 32018 14 12 Postcards 20181213 144728 resized 1

14 December: - 'From our camping spot in Booti Booti NP from which there are two lovely walks.
Booti Hill walk, the trackhead of which can be seen on this photo on the southern end of this Seven Mile Beach stretch.
The other is the Wallis Lake walk.
Happy Christmas to all walkers!
Sue S'

2018 12 05 Postcards JohnG 20181205 113932
09 December: From John G - 'Yacaaba - the northern headland of Port Stephens.'
... and from the NP NSW blog: 'Yacaaba walking track is a hard walk ...the rocks on the steeper parts of the track can be very slippery'. So, thanks John!


2018 11 26 Postcards AnneG29 November 2018. From Anne G, in Tasmania:

"This is The hillview group at Marion's Peak, Cradle Mountain NP

Barbara is absent due to a heavy cold. She is recovering well

We have been blessed by the weather

It has been cloudy, but we had only 10 minutes of rain each walk

We are enjoying blue sky for the first time at Swansea."

2018 11 25 Postcards JohnG Cottage

It's a break from tradition to publish a 'selfie' postcard. But one of the quartet is the Boss!-Ed.

In our post box today; our first summer postcard!             

 "By the time of the next Hill View Social outing to Paynes Crossing (hopefully Spring 2019) the new farm cottage (‘Glendaruel’) will have emerged from its chrysalis of scaffolding and builder’s rubble for Hillviewers to look at!”

Good to hear from you, Secretary John.
We have missed you, and dusted off our dictionaries. - Ed

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