The weather finally turned into a cool autumn morning. From Mt Colah station we walked quickly through the streets to join the Kalkari Track to the Discovery Centre. We viewed the Cowan creek below from lookouts as we approached the centre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2018 05 04 Reg DonW Not the m t spot Copy                                                                                                                       Not the morning tea spot!

                   2018 05 04 Reg ChristineC 20180504 101731 Copy    2018 05 04 Reg ChristineC 20180504 103027 Copy                                                                                         The leaders with the Canadian visitor                                                     No, Dawn didn't do those scribbles on the tree

  At morning tea we mingled with the Easy walkers. The Volunteer Guide offered to take Samuel to see the kangaroos in the enclosure.  The Birrawanna track passes beside the fence enclosing the Discovery trail and the kangaroos, as it winds down through fern covered bushland to the Regional office.

 2018 05 04 Reg DonW colorful fungi Copy   2018 05 04 Reg ChristineC 20180504 113638 Copy     2018 0504 Reg PeterR P1040007 Copy                                                                              Colourful fungi                                           Fern covered bushland                                                                     Fern covered bushland

The short rocky track then descends steeply to Apple Tree Bay where we enjoyed lunch sitting on the rocks in the Autumn sun, or under the shade of the tree.                                                                        2018 05 04 Reg DonW descent into Appletree Bay Copy                                                                                         The descent to Apple Tree Bay

 After lunch we walked a kilometre or so along the creek where we saw and smelt the burn bushland which had been an active fire on the day of our recce.                                                                        Lunch 2018 05 04 Reg ChristineC 20180504 120532 Copy2018 05 04 Reg DonW happy walkers after lunch Copy       2018 0504 Reg AnneR P1180482 Copy                                                                                       Happy walkers after lunch                                                                                     Two birds collecting grass for the birds (Gouldian finches)   

2018 0504 Reg PeterR P1040027 Copy                                                                                       The result of the recent bush fire

                                     2018 0504 Reg AnneR P1180486 Copy     2018 0504 Reg AnneR P1180487 Copy                                                                                                The Mt Ku-ring-ai track ascends with plenty of opportunity to look back at the view of the water to a short hill climb to the station. 

2018 05 04 Reg DonW after the tough climb out of Appletree Bay Copy                                                                      Resting at what we thought was the top after the tough climb out of Apple Tree Bay

                                       2018 05 04 Reg PeterR P1040030 Copy  2018 0504 Reg PeterR P1040032 Copy                                                                                                                                  But there were more and more steps to come!!  We enjoyed our coffee at the shops near the station afterwards.

 Walkers: Pete and Bella, Sue F, Elaine E, Martin, Christine McA, Dawn, Don Wo, Margaret P, Barrie, led by Anne R and Anne G with a visitor from Canada. Samuel, on his way to the Solomon Islands to volunteer teaching Mathematics.

Photos: Christine McA (2, 3, 5, 8), Don Wo (1, 4, 7, 9, 14), Anne R (10, 12, 13), Pete (6, 11, 15, 16)

Words by Anne G.