13 walkers departed from Turramurra Station and walked to the 1st Turramurra Scout Hall in Warragal Road. At this point we entered the Sheldon Forest, a beautiful area of remnant blue gum forest vegetation. The track took us into the valley and along the creek, where we had morning tea. After crossing the creek, we continued through Rofe Park to Mimosa Oval.
Near the oval we were joined by Rex and Robyn’s daughter Katherine and baby Isobelle. We went past the 2nd Turramurra Scout Hall and back into the bush at Rofe Park.
Lyndy told us about the donation of the parkland by the Rofe family.We followed the track to the lower end of Warragal Road and walked back to the station.
At Kissing Point Road Robyn pointed out the Granny Springs Reserve, but we did not walk into it.
We went to enjoy coffee and milkshakes at Black Mocha Cafe.

2018 05 11 Reg AnneR P1180498 Copy2018 05 11 Reg HelenA 101443a2018 05 11 Reg HelenA 101141aOn the left, the entry to Sheldon Forest.
Top above: Grass trees older than European settlement.
Good luck to the youngster directly above

2018 05 11 Reg AnneR P1180513 Copy2018 05 11 Reg AnneR P1180514 CopyAt morning tea the talk seemed to be serious. The Federal Budget?
2018 05 11 Reg Lyndy 112211bAfter morning tea 5 star walkers Katherine and Isobelle found us on the track ...
2018 05 11 Reg Lyndy 112130a... and at Rofe Park posed with all the walkers except Lyndy.

2018 05 11 Reg AnneR P1180506 CopyBack on track on track, it can be reported that recently whales have been spotted on either side of the Lane Cove River,
and that a Sydney Blue Gum can do anything an Angophora can.2018 05 11 Reg HelenA 120440a

2018 05 11 Reg HelenA 124220aOn the way back to coffee, we passed this house and learned that this renovation has been/continues to be a frustrating saga.
Our informants? Anne R whose daughter and family own the house and Robyn and Rex who live two houses down.

2018 05 11 Reg HelenA 095849aOn a happier note- talk from the track:
Anne R celebrates a birthday tomorrow. Many Happy Returns, Anne.
Ros and John had a good academic trip to Melbourne last week.
Anne G leaves in a few days for Sicily and Malta.

For the record:
Leaders were Robyn and Rex, and their followers were  Helen A, David C, Annette, Anne G, John G, Ros G, Lyndy, Elizabeth P, Anne R, Bill S, Don Wa, joined later by Katherine and baby Isobelle.

Words by Robyn Mi.
Photos by Anne R (1, 4, 5, 9), Helen A (2, 3, 8, 10, 11) and Lyndy (6, 7).