25 5 2018 Alltogether don the map

32 walkers set out from the Spit Bridge on the well-known Manly Scenic Walkway.

25 5 2018 Alltogether Sue S Leader Michaels briefing   25 5 2018 Alltogether don bushwalking  25 5 2018 Alltogether don descent to where       Leader briefing at The Spit - most people listened.                  Then we started on some "real" bushwalking......               ....before descending to who-knows-where!

The group walked as one body to the morning tea spot at Clontarf Reserve, after which 2 smaller groups (of 22 and 10) were formed to cater better to the faster and slower walkers.

25 5 2018 Alltogether don agm site         25 5 2018 Alltogether don 2 groups                                  Northern Beaches members joined us at Ellery's Punt Reserve, to the echo of many past AGMs.                                         Two groups formed spontaneously!                                    

25 5 2018 Alltogether Barb epacris P1190278 25 5 2018 Alltogether Sue S Blueberry Ash Elaeocarpus reticulatus 25 5 2018 Alltogether Sue S Pittosporum undulatum 25 5 2018 Alltogether Sue S Styphelia viridis               Sights along the way:     Epacris                                    Blueberry Ash-Elaeocarpus reticulatus                   Pittosporum undulatum                           Styphelia viridis

25 5 2018 Alltogether Pete cliffside walk P1040356 25 5 2018 Alltogether Pete harbour shore P1040359 25 5 2018 Alltogether Pete 18footers P1040353             More sights:  Narrow tracks .......                                                      Serene bays.........                                                                    18 footers training

25 5 2018 Alltogether don clifftop housing      25 5 2018 Alltogether Sue S Fairlight Beach and Pool North Harbour                                   Dodgy housing                                                                                                                                               Fairlight Beach

The faster group paused at the Grotto Point diversion, where 17 members took the walk down to the lighthouse, while 5 waited & chatted on the main track.

The slower group overtook at that point and weren’t caught again by the faster group until Forty Baskets Beach. The prospect of lunch, to be taken at the big park in Fairlight, caused the pace to be picked up by all at that point in an effort to bag the prime lunch seating spots.

25 5 2018 Alltogether Chris lunch 20180525 123759                                                                                                                A happy lunch group

After lunch, the groups split again (although with some intermingling) for the final 2km to Manly Wharf.

25 5 2018 Alltogether Sue S Striding along The Esplanade Park the walks end in sight

25 5 2018 Alltogether Pete kite P1040372     25 5 2018 Alltogether Chris landing 20180525 134020                                       The leaders thoughtfully lined up some last minute aerial entertainment for us 

The coffee venue was Criniti’s, just opposite the wharf.

Some colourful wildflowers were observed at various points, while the absence of the large aggressive Water Dragon at the top lookout in Balgowlah Heights was noted (he had left town for his usual winter holiday, presumably).

Regrettably, the only significant birdlife was the sight of 2 Ibis.

In closing, it is fitting to applaud the excellent ongoing efforts to upgrade the track, making the  walking so much more pleasurable.

The walkers were: Mike & Sue F (the latter very kindly assisted with the slower group by Kurt S), Helen A, Nick, Don B, Elaine E, Ros & John, Mary, Aileen, Lyndy, Di L, Christine McA, Dawn, Robyn Ma, Rex & Robyn, Bert, Marilyn, Lea, Elizabeth, Pat & John, Wendy P, Bella & Pete, Barbara, Vreni, Deidre, Sue S & Don Wo

Words by Mike

Photos by Christine McA (16,19); Barbara (7); Sue S (2,8,9,10,15,17); Pete (11,12,13,18); Don Wo (1,3,4,5,6,14)