Five walkers set off from Waverton Station towards Balls Head. Balls Head Reserve was opened in 1926 after the local residents campaigned against development of the site.
We looked at the aboriginal carvings and then admired the transformation that has taken place above the coal loader tunnels. The community garden is now very much larger.                                   2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0009 coal loader Copy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We walked along a track following the ridge

2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0011 wintery view Copy                                                         A wintery view

                              and met up with the regular walkers at morning tea. Robyn gave the EZY walkers a talk about how Waverton got its name.

                           2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0017 regular walkers Copy    2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0020 morning tea Copy                                                                                                The Regular walkers                                                                                                   The EZY walkers

              After morning tea we took the track to Larkin Street where we admired the view of the harbour and learnt about the area’s past industrial history when it was owned by BP. We                                      walked around Berrys Bay to Sawmillers Reserve, where we had lunch.

                    2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0022 small fig tree Copy   2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0023 harbour view Copy                                                                       Small fig tree                                                                                              Harbour view

                      2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0030 walkers Copy  2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0036 Rosemary S Copy                                                                                                  Walkers in their rain gear                                                                                   Robyn Mi and the Balls Head Reserve plaque

2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0037 looking at Balls Head 1 Copy                                                                                                                           View of Balls Head

2018 06 01 EZY Robyn M IMG 0043 cruise ship in harbour Copy                                                                                                        A cruise ship in the harbour

After lunch we went to Blues Point. Two of the group decided to go to North Sydney station and the other three decided to catch the ferry from McMahons Point to Circular Quay, so none of the group actually reached Milsons Point.

Walkers: Margaret B and Robyn Mi led Dorothy, Rosemary S and Barrie

Words: Robyn Mi

Photos: Robyn Mi (1-7, 9, 10), Rosemary (8)