Jan-Jun 2016

Rain, rain go away and it did! Fortunately the rain didn’t last long much to the relief of the leaders.
With walkers having signed on and a welcome and introduction to the morning’s program by Deidre, it was time for our organised 10.00am guided tour of the Japanese Gardens. We were met by Brad and Paul from the council’s horticultural team. Paul warmly welcomed us and we split into two groups. Brad and Paul were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very generous with their time as they explained and answered many questions regarding the beginning of the gardens, species of plants, maintenance and care of the gardens and the future plans for the gardens. The Japanese Gardens has traditional landscaping with beautiful flowering azaleas, decorative bridges, a large lake with central island and stocked with colourful Koi, ornamental trees, traditional pine trees, waterfalls, symbolic mountains, a traditional tea house, Zen and Ryoan-ji style gardens. The Japanese Garden holds an annual Cherry Blossom Festival between mid-August and early September. Cherry blossom is highly symbolic in Japanese culture representing beauty and the fragility of life. The Japanese Gardens are most impressive and a visit is well worthwhile.
The clouds had now disappeared and the sun was shining as forty walkers enjoyed morning tea in the picnic area. Following morning tea, Jill and Rhondda took the group through other sections of the botanical gardens visiting the fauna reserve, the billabong, garden of trees, sunken rose garden, reflection pool, scented garden and the bird aviary.
It was now barbeque time and it didn’t take long for the barbeques to be fired up and ready to go! HVB barbeques are the best and even the strong gusty winds didn’t spoil the day. A lovely day out for the final Friday of our first six month’s program made even more special by the attendance of six of our Social Walkers.

                                                                                                                      Lake, Garden and Tea House

2016 06 24 BBQ Barbara P1050513 1



    Traditional bridge on the lake                                                                                                                                                     Traditional Welcome Gate

2016 06 24 BBQ Dedire DSCN2572                                                                                  2016 06 24 BBQ DeidreDSCN2568




           Water channel into the Lake                                                                                                                                                              Zen Garden

2016 06 24 BBQ Deidre DSCN2566

   2016 06 24 BBQ Dedire DSCN2575          


               On the Garden Tour with guide Paul                                                                                                                                                             Albino Wallaby
2016 06 24 BBQ Barbara P1050547

2016 06 24 BBQ Ros IMG 5803 Gillies


                                                                                                                            Waterfall and roots of a Moreton Bay Fig

2016 06 24 BBQ Barbara P1050527 1


Brad demonstrating meticulous removal of pine needles                                                                                                                          Sculptured hedge with pine trees beyond
2016 06 24 BBQ Barbara P1050523 1

 2016 06 24 BBQ Barbara P1050543


              Enjoying the BBQ despite the chilly wind                                                                                                                                      Tongs at the ready!

 2016 06 24 BBQ Dedire DSCN25890216 06 24 BBQ Don W



Words by Deidre

For the record the following attended:- Margaret B, Chris B, Don B, Sue B, Wendy C, Rhondda D, Elaine E, Annette and David E, Lawrie F, Ros F, Ros and John G, Mary G, Aileen J, Sue K, Helen L, C McA, Jean McD, Dawn M, Robyn and Rex M, Bert M, Barbara R, Vreni S, Faye S, Pam S, Deidre S, Rosemary and Kevin S, Lyn T, Jim T, Noel and Pat U, Liz W. Judy W, Jill W, Don W and two visitors (Andy K who became a member today and Les J).

Photos by Barbara (1,7,8,9,10), Deidre (2,3,4,5,11) Ros(6),Don W (12)



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