Jan-Jun 2019


19 EZY walkers from HVB went south for what was a wonderful walk in an historic town - replete with colonial buildings and railway infrastructure built by John Whitton.

By way of contrast, west of Sydney the Regular walk offered a living Sir Arthur Streeton canvas - 'one of the loveliest' pristine walks in the Blue Mountains. 12 walkers drove to the NP in Glenbrook, consolidated into 3 cars and continued for 12kms into the Park - 3kms of tarmac and hair-pin bends and 9kms of smooth, slightly curving dirt fire-trail - to the car-park for the walks to the Nepean Lookout and the Jack Evans Track.

The 'Keep 2 body lengths back from a cliff edge' rule does not apply when standing behind a tree'. Discuss.2019 04 26 Reg Susan P11000822019 04 26 Reg Susan P1100087At the Nepean Lookout, last minute chats before MT. On the right, last man to pack up gets all the attention.

2019 04 26 Reg Susan P1100088 resized...and this is the view of the Nepean, from the lookout.

The section of the Jack Evans track from the carpark to Erskine Creek is 1.25km, descent 200m. The rock steps on the steeper sections are quite safe, but 'watch your feet' was the constant advice. For relief there is a saddle through grass trees and eucalypts.

2019 04 26 HelenA Recce 20190422 1118182019 04 26 Reg Susan P1100097 resizedIdyllic lunch spot. On the left, Margaret P during the recce, and on the right, the 'real walk'.

After lunch, the climb back to the cars was as expected. One walker said they could have done with an extra stop, another walker suggested two extra stops - advice the leaders have taken on board for future occasions.
Coffee was enjoyed by all at The Bakehouse in Burfitt Parade, Glenbrook.

2019 04 26 Reg MapFor the record:
Helen A and Chris B led Ida, Rosie, Jenny, Pat and John, John B, Susan and Maurice, Tim and Wendy P.

Maurice and Helen were FA people and John P Tail-end Charlie.

Special thanks to the following:
  • Margaret and Claude for reccointering as 3rd and 4th persons.

  • The 3 cars on the NP road: Maurice and Susan's 4 wheel drive, Rosie's 4 wheel drive and John and Pat's 1 month old Camry hybrid ('It was awfully quiet').

  • Rosie, who was first into a very busy Glenbrook after the walk, then found the one coffee place with spare seats, and somehow 'reserved' 2 lots of 6 places, out of nothing. 

Photos: Susan (1,2,3,5), Helen A(4).
Map at left from 'Blue Mountains Best Bush Walks 2nd Edition'.

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