Jan-Jun 2019

After enjoying the company of the regular walkers on the train and the bus, the two groups split at Kurnell.  The four EZY walkers wandered along part of the Burrawang track, past the Remembrance Circle to our dry morning tea spot at the Discovery Centre. Following morning tea we joined the regular walkers for a short time while we walked along the Yena Trail.  We branched off on the Yena track and followed various tracks through the bush to Cape Solander.  We enjoyed the view from the ridge.  We had lunch at Cape Solander.  Alas, no whales were sighted.

After lunch we walked along the road to the Yena Trail, admiring the plants and flowers on our way back to the Discovery Centre.  We then walked past the Solander, Banks and Cook monuments on our way back to the bus stop.

2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 02 Morning Tea Medium                                                                                                                The group at morning tea 
a           2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 05 Lunch at Cape Solander Medium  2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 03 On the track Medium                                                                                                   On the track                                                                            the group lunching at Cape Solander                                                            2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 06 Coastal view Medium 2                                                                                                                                        Coastal view         
       2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 14 Banksia integrifolia Small17 Lyndy hugging a tree Medium
       2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 13 Banksia ericafolia Small
        Banksias inintegrifolia (top left) and ericafolia(bottom letf) and Lyndy hugs a tree right)                                                                                            
2019 06 07 EZY Robyn Mi 20 Cook landing rock Small                                                                                                                                         Cook landing rock

Walkers: Margaret B and Robyn Mi led Barrie and Lyndy

Photos by Robyn Mi

Words by Robyn MI

S5 Box