2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T Bargo SCA 20230602 153442

Where have all the young men gone? Peter was the sole representative of the male of the species along with 9 women attending this new walk for HVB at Hilltop, in the Bargo State Conservation Area.

With a cool start after initially meeting in the little village of Hilltop, we headed off under the high voltage power lines where we parked our 3 cars

                               2023 06 02 PlusWalk Deidre SettingOut 194004       2023 06 02 PlusWalk Hazel transmissioin line P1130223  

Soon taking a small easy track to the NW of this loop walk, we followed the ridge, eventually arriving at our rocky outcrop lookout for morning tea. Flowers along the way, even in June, were lovely with masses of banksia spinulosa everywhere.


  2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T hakea 20230602 142723   2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T B Spinulosa 20230602 110653      2023 06 02 PlusWalk Hazel lambertia P1130249                                                            Acacia suaveolens                          Banksia spinulosa                             Lambertia formosa                                                                                           

 2023 06 02 PlusWalk Deidre MorningTea 104946             2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T M Tea 20230602 105241                                   Morning tea                                                                                                       Satisfied group after morning tea

2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T20230602 105601                                                                                                       The view that satisfied the group


A group photo or two later and we headed off with Jenny leading the way for the rest of the walk, soon descending the rocky track to the only creek crossing of the walk. After following a side creek for a short distance, we started the steady climb up to the northern ridge. Once again this section of the track was rocky but not too hard for this group of plus walkers with only 1 or 2 steeper sections as we climbed.

2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T descending 20230602 110244   2023 06 02 PlusWalk Deidre SteadyUphillClimb 113301   2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T some flat walkking 20230602 112500                                          Descending...................                                                                    Climbing......................          And even some flat walkin

         2023 06 02 PlusWalk Hazel more flat walkingP1130201       2023 06 02 PlusWalk Hazel rocky ground P1130213      2023 06 02 PlusWalk Hazel bandaged tree P1130251                                                           More easy walking...............                 ....with some tricky rocks to negotiate                 And a bandaged tree

Reaching the flat fire trail, Kas and Hazel showed off their matching hats. Continuing, the group quickly found themselves under the northern end of the power lines with expansive views to the north and views back to the south under the power lines.   


2023 06 02 PlusWalk 2023 06 02 PlusWalk Oeter T Kas Hazel20230602 120010    2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T mary 20230602 114635   2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T lunch 20230602 133255                 Kaz and Hazel conforming hats -  but Mary didn't conform                                              Lunch


Leaving this track, we headed back to the rougher bush tracks of the eastern corner. After a quick discussion about where to have lunch, we took the 300m diversion out to our eastern lookout for lunch. The initial thick bush soon opened up for easy traversing along this obvious ridge. The lookout did not disappoint. More photos taken looking at the group sitting on the outcrop having lunch.

Returning to the track, discussions about the options for the remaining section took place. At the first optional exit point, Jenny led a group of 3 back to the fire trail to head to the finish. At the next optional exit point, 2 more headed across the 60m of bush, navigating by sun and compass, back to the fire trail. The remaining 4 then continued along the rougher track route exiting 300m down the road before meeting the early arrivals back at the cars.

Afternoon tea in the sun at the cars with homemade cookies and apple pie, was enjoyed by all as they talked about the fun they had on this new walk.

Well done to all participants wanting to try out this walk and rising to a new challenge.

Walkers: Hazel, Celia, Leah, Deidre, Cleona, Kas, Mary, Pragati, Jenny C & Peter T.

Leaders: Jenny & Peter.

Words: Peter

Photos: Deidre (2,7,11); Hazel (3,6,13,14,15); Peter (1,4,5,8,9,10,12,16,17,18,19)

2023 06 02 PlusWalk Peter T Map