In the program, Margaret P was the designated leader for this walk, and Helen A the Co-Leader. Claude accompanied these two on a trouble-free recee. Sadly, on the Friday, because of a problem leg Margaret could not walk and Claude stepped in as Leader.
Things did not begin well when Helen was late arriving at track-head. It was largely thanks to Claude's panache, and his expertise in arranging the minimum number of cars that would drive to the start of the walk - and the ready co-operation of the drivers and passengers - that good humour was restored.

2023 06 02 Reg RosG 20230602 083720 resized2023 06 02 Reg Don Wobriefing
                                     1. A wait for the briefing                                                                               2. Claude holds his audience

Four cars drove along the narrow, but very well maintained dirt road to the start of Dubbo Gully Road
2023 06 02 Reg ChristineM 20230602 085703 2a
                                                                                                            3. Ready to walk

Throughout the walk trucks carting roadbase (for the road beyond Fairview)passed in either direction.
2023 06 02 Reg Don Wowe shared the road with a convoy of trucks2023 06 02 Reg RosG 20230602 100023 resized
                                                                                    4 and 5. No chances taken with these guys.

The first stop for the walkers was the Story Board outside the Cemetery.....
2023 06 02 Reg Don Wostory boardJPG

... and then the cemetery itself
2023 06 02 Reg ChristineM 20230602 100848 2

2023 06 02 Reg Don Wothis fence stood the test of time2023 06 02 Reg JohnG 20230602 102031
                                                         8. 'Fence stood the test of time'-Don Wo                     9. Christine checks her photo (seen above)

Morning tea was taken on the verge in front of the cemetery fence. There were the usual pieces of humour appropriate to the location,
2023 06 02 Reg ChristineM 20230602 101609 22023 06 02 Reg Don Wogrove of young eucapypts
                                                       10. Morning Tea                                                                            11. After morning tea a grove of eucalypts

The historic old homestead 'Fairview' was our last stop before turning to retrace our steps.
The original owners of the estate were Alfred and Amanda Andrews who had eleven children.
Approaches to Gosford Council to finance the upkeep of the property have been unsuccessful,
and the house is now sadly in a state of disrepair.

2023 02 06 Reg HelenA 20230602 112206
                                                                                                         12. 'Fairview' in 2023.

2023 06 02 Reg Public domain Fairview                                                      
                                                                                                     13. 'Fairview' circa 1950

On the return walk we ate lunch on the cemetery verge and then walked back to the cars, with stops only to have drinks and take a couple of photos:
2023 06 02 Reg RosG 20230602 113921 resized2023 06 02 Reg RosG 20230602 132959 resized
                                                                14. Don's way                                                               15. One last pose before coffee.

Once all the shuffled cars were back at the 'proper' car-park, everyone bought their beverage of choice from the Mangrove Mountain General Store. We drank these whilst sitting at two sturdy timber tables on the elevated ground beside the car park. A good way to end the walk.

Leaders: Margaret P (reccee ), Claude and Helen A.
Walkers: Ros and John, Sue and Michael, Christine M, Don Wo, Lyn, Vreni, Elaine, Bert, Kurt and visitor Dae.
First-Aid: Ros; Tail-end: Kurt.
Photos: Ros 1,5,14,15; Don Wo: 2,4,6,8,11; Christine M: 3,7,10; John G: 9; Dai:12; Gosford City Council: 13.