Fourteen walkers arrived for the Towlers Bay walk, including one long time member / new walker.
2024 03 15 Reg HelenA 0906 Leader Elaine briefs the group2024 03 15 Reg AnneR IMG 4979
Elaine breifs the walkers Heading off down the track
There was a welcome respite from the recent hot, humid weather, the day being pleasantly cool, with a couple of brief light showers. The walk descends on a rubbly fire trail, with many ups and downs, eventually to the water’s edge.
Morning Tea was early, before the major descent, at a great spot with views over Morning Bay and Pittwater. 2024 03 15 Reg HelenA 0950 Comfy rocks for Morning tea2024 03 15 Reg HelenA 0952 Morning tea group2024 03 15 Reg HelenA 0954 Morning tea group50 12024 03 15 Reg HelenA 0951 Leaders work through Morning tea
Morning tea with great views before descending to the water Leaders working on plans
Although the guidelines had mentioned Woody Point, the leaders were unable to locate it on the recce.
Fortunately, knowledgeable members of the group were able to help, and we followed a track to the views over Towlers Bay itself, and Pittwater. 2024 03 15 Reg Nick S IMG 1494 Going down2024 03 15 Reg Nick S IMG 1498 Group Woody Point
Start of the steep fire trail down The group at Woody Point
As it was too early for lunch, we continued along the fire trail to the small ferry wharf at Morning Bay.
2024 03 15 Reg AnneR IMG 4986 12024 03 15 Reg HelenA 1140 Not relaxing but thinking about the climb out2024 03 15 Reg Nick S IMG 1505 Steep track up Morning Bay Whalf Not relaxing but thinking of the climb out And here's the climb
One member suggested we return via the bush track starting near the Youth Hostel.
This track provides a quick, if at times difficult, return to the main track , but all negotiated it successfully .
We then found ourselves close to the earlier morning tea spot, where we also had lunch. 2024 03 15 Reg Nick S IMG 1508 Lunch
Lunch with a light rain shower

After lunch, the relatively easy fire trail took us back to the cars. Coffee was enjoyed at Terrey Hills.

Trace of the walk
Walkers: Elaine and Lyn (leaders), Helen A., Don B., John d’C., Tim, Bill, Steve P., Anne R., Vreni, Nick S., Louis, Jocelyn (with Bill), new walker Clive. Thanks to Anne for First Aid, and Red Sox Don as Tailender.

Photos: Anne R (2, 9), Helen A (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10), Nick S (7, 8, 12, 13, Map).