Braving the humidity under overcast skies 26 walkers assembled at Circular Quay to follow Ros and Mary on this delightful harbourside walk which seemed to incorporate more steps than last time.  Coffee called early for some at our lunch stop at Watsons Bay, but most continued to circumnavigate Hornby Lighthouse and some completed the programmed walk at The Gap and beyond to walk the historic Tramway Track.  Our thanks to all walkers for a happy walk and especially to First Aiders (who thankfully were not needed) Lyndy and Elizabeth and to John G as Tail Ender (who definitely was needed to keep 26 together on an urban walk).
       2024 02 22 RegularWalk Don Wo shoreline path 2024 03 22 RegularWalk Don Wo some beach walking
                                                     Shoreline path                                                                                              Some beach walking
2024 03 22 RegularWalk MargaretP sydney skyline with DW lores  2024 03 22 RegularWalk Don Wo morning tea wirh a view
                                                  Sydney skyline with Don Wo lores                                                                         Morning tea with a view
                  2024 03 22 RegularWalk MargaretP 1018152024 03 22 RegularWalk Louis House
                                                     Morning tea                                                                                                  Strickland House
2024 03 22 RegularWalk MargaretP 102651                                                                                                                                 Mansion - how the other half live
                       2024 03 22 RegularWalk MargaretP 112138                              2024 03 22 RegularWalk MargaretP 113637
                                   Laneway                                                                                                             Suspension Bridge  
2024 03 22 RegularWalk Don Wo the whole mob at lunch                                                                                                       After lunch group photo taken by a passerby outside of Dunbar House                                                                                                            2024 03 22 RegularWalk RosG lookingtowardsNorthHeadfromTheGap140703          2024 03 22 RegularWalk RosG AttheanchorofthewreckedDunbarthe small group who opted to complete The Gap and historic Tramway circuit 135556                                 

           North Head from the Gap and at the anchor of the wrecked Dunbar and the small group who opted to complete The Gap and historic Tramway circuit

2024 03 22 RegularWalk Mary Interpretation WA0000                                                                                                 Interpretation of the historic Tramway Track in Gap Park at Watsons Bay                                                                                       
2024 03 22 RegularWalk Louis Harbour                                                                                                         Harbour View from the walk and from ferry ride back to Circular Quay
Walkers following Leaders Ros G and Mary were Chris B, Don B, Tim, Elaine, Anne G, John G, Christine G, William, Lyndy, Diana, Dawn, Christine M, Bert, Claude and Margaret, Elizabeth, Wendy P, Anne R, Vreni, Lyn, Louis, Pauline, Don W, and Jos (on his 2nd walk).

Words by Mary

Photos  Don Wo (1, 2, 4,10), Margaret P (5, 7, 8, 9), Louis (6, 14), Ros G (11, 12), Mary (13)