On a beautiful day, five walkers joined leaders Margaret & Claude P at Wilson Park, Wentworth Falls.  (Sadly three members cancelled due to medical issues).


2024 04 19 Reg HelenA 0938 A potential walker at the briefingWalk briefing2024 04 19 Reg HelenA 0944 NP Sign board National Park Sign board


Following the Jamison Creek on the still accessible Section 1 of the Charles Darwin track the group enjoyed very pleasant scenery of tall trees, vegetation and rippling water whilst traversing many small bridges.


2024 04 19 Reg Margaret P 72024 04 19 Reg HelenA 1010 Dawins Walk 

Blue Mountains council has erected detour signs at Fletcher street (due to the closure some years ago of Section 2 of the Darwin walk).

2024 04 19 Reg HelenA 1020 Darwins Walkfore shortened 1Signage Darwins Walk shortened2024 04 19 Reg HelenA 1010 Old exit from darwins WalkOld exit from Darwins Walk

Fom there the leaders diverted to a “secret bush track” which exits at the Wentworth Falls Lookout.  Morning Tea was enjoyed here before continuing on via the Princes Road track to the Jamisons Lookout at the Picnic Area. 

 2024 04 19 Reg Margaret P 4Wentworth Falls lookout2024 04 19 Reg Margaret P 5Wentworth Falls lookout

We then followed the Den Fenella track with many steps up and down. 

2024 04 19 Reg Margaret P 9

After crossing over the Den Fenella creek this track joins the Overcliff Track.  The Lookout at Breakfast Point was enjoyed with lovely views of the valley below as were many glimpses of the valley from the track itself before proceeding to the Lyrebird Lookout.  Once again many ups and downs were negotiated well by all before diverting onto the Valley of the Waters track leading to the iconic Conservation Hut for an early coffee.

A short walk along Falls Road to a park for lunch before the final footpath which led us to our destination at Wilson Park.


2024 04 19 Reg HelenA 1333 Plane Trees on Falls RoadPlane Trees on Falls Road2024 04 19 Reg Margaret P 1Colours of Autumn

Leaders: Claude and Margaret P. 

Walkers: Helen A, Christine B, Tim, Vreni and Lyn.

Words: Margaret P

Photos: Helen A (1,2,4,5,6,10) Margaret P (3,7,8,9,11)