2024 04 19 EZY Don Wo L C River attractive in parts

Seventeen walkers met at Chatswood Station for the bus to Fullers Bridge, and the start of the Riverside walk in Lane Cove National Park.  It was a beautiful sunny day, with no sign of the previous day’s storms.

2024 04 19 Ezy ChristineMc Walk Leaders 101156 resized
                                                                                                                                    The Walk Leaders 

The early section of the track has quite a lot of boardwalk, with good views of the river alongside .  We passed several picnic areas, quiet at this time, but usually very busy at weekends.  Morning tea was at one such area, with adequate tables for all.
After morning tea, the track developed into a real bush track, with quite a few steps, tree roots etc., providing difficulties for some.

2024 04 19 Ezy BarbaraR Beginning of the walk near Fullers Bridge P1232327 111      2024 04 19 Ezy BarbaraR Forest Walkers P1232327 116      2024 04 19 Ezy BarbaraqR RobynMi and the Lane Cove River P1232327 113
      Beginning of the walk near Fullers Bridge                                                 Forest Walkers                                                                                                                            

 2024 04 19 Ezy RobynMi IMG 1311       2024 04 19 Ezy BarbaraR Water Dragon P1232327 119

 2024 04 19 EZY Don Wo morning tea        2024 04 19 Ezy Elaine Photographer at workIMG 7671                                                                                                                          
                                                                               Morning Tea

The highlight of the day was coming across a man with a very large camera, who was birdwatching.  He had also just seen a red belly black snake head into a grassed area. We were all very excited when he told us he had discovered two powerful owls in the trees nearby.  With a little help, most of the group were able to locate them, high in the trees, many trying also to photograph them.

                                                                2024 04 19 Ezy Lyndy Powerful Owl 1000019091         2024 04 19 Ezy BarbaraR Powerful Owl on a sign board P1232327 123                           

                                                                   Powerful Owl                                                            Powerful Owl Sign Board

The last section of the track was on road and street.  Lunch spots were in short supply, but fortunately Lyndy knew of a secluded section of Eden Gardens where it was quite permissible for us to lunch, before we moved on for coffee.

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Elaine and Dawn led Nick B., Michael, Rosie, Sue K., Lyndy, Chris Mc., Robyn Mi., Marilyn M. Jan P., Wendy P., Barbara and David, Anne R., Dennis, Don Wo.
Thanks to Lyndy, as First Aider, and Barbara and Nick as Tailender.

Report: Elaine
Photography: Don Wo (1 & 8), Christine Mc (2 & 12), Barbara R (3, 4, 7 & 11), Robyn Mi (5 & 6), Elaine (9), Lyndy (10)