2015 11 07 WWA Plus De DSCN1956bBert and Maurice led 16 other HVB members and 2 visitors on a successful climb of Pigeon House Mountain, albeit in deteriorating weather conditions.

John G has been out of action with a dodgy knee, but he kindly spent the weekend chauffeuring in his 4 wheel drive. And acting as photographer!
2015 11 07 WWA Plus De DSCN1939c
On the way up. Weather is still fine, Barbara and Christine stop to identify a tree; John M and Bill S wait. Then morning tea in the mist, on wet ground.
2015 11 07 WWA Plus SueS IMG 1840a2015 11 07 WWA Plus SueS IMG 1844a

The first of 20 ladders. Raining by now. Anne R and Elaine E setting off. Most left their bags at this stage.
2015 11 07 WWA Plus RosG IMG 4830a

Only 10 minutes to the top, one on a ladder at the time. Bert and John M are the monitors. Also some plant life high up. (Identification help?)
2015 11 07 WWA Plus De DSCN1944a2015 11 07 WWA Plus De DSCN1948a

(This is a family website. The suggested caption is censored.)2015 11 07 WWA Plus De DSCN1953a                                                                   Everyone summitted. The view waits to be seen another day.2015 11 07 WWA Plus Susan P1280642a 
On the way down, the long view as seen by Maurice, the tail-end-Charlie.2015 11 07 WWA Plus RosG IMG 4856a
                                            And there is more time to study the blossoms of the Blueberry ash Elaeocarpus reticulatus2015 11 07 WWA Plus RosG IMG 4865bAfter coffee, with the mountain now visible.
2015 11 07 WWA Plus AnneR P1210164a

Photographers identify flora, fauna and geological features in their pictures. In this case Sue S also identified the Blueberry Ash.
Photos by Deidre (1, 6-8), John G (2), Ros G (5,11), Sue S (3,4), a visitor (9), Susan (10), a waitperson with Anne R's camera (12).