Jul-Dec 2016

The walk required a car shuffle, but the leaders thought the process through and all went well. Thanks to the car drivers who went out of their way to assist with the smooth transition from Turramurra to Crosslands Reserve, and again on the return from Crosslands back to the track-head at Berowra.
This is a delightful one-way, mostly downhill wander through bushland tracks and follows the very peaceful Berowra Creek . The track descends steeply at first, down a metal staircase over rock platforms and on to the wet and rocky Sam's Creek which we all managed to cross without losing life or limb. Some beautiful waratahs, a lyrebird and a large friendly Lace monitor goanna on the track were of great interest, especially to Claude’s brother who is visiting from France.
Traversing through the salt marsh by boardwalk, the new Calna Creek footbridge which opened last year was appreciated by all. The original log-bridge collapsed in 2013 after some hikers dis-obeyed the “two at a time” limit, couldn’t resist a bit of jumping on it and the inevitable happened. Couldn’t possibly have been HVB could it?
Lunch stop was at a peaceful shady spot with an enchanting view of the water, prior to moving on to Crosslands Reserve via river-side tracks, boardwalks and the Estuary Lookout.

Coffee was enjoyed at the HB Corner Shop Café in Somerville Road prior to half of the cars returning to the Berowra track-head to deliver passengers back to their vehicles.

The car shuffle: "Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once."
2016 09 16 Reg AnneR P1050470 Copya

On the way there was lush growth and fantastic views ....
2016 09 16 Reg DonW fantastic viewsa

Flowers on the way:                              Common heath Epacris impressa and Waratah Telopea speciosissima
2016 09 16 Reg AnneR P1050482 Copya2016 09 16 Reg MargaretP IMG 1271a
                                                .... also on the way, landscape tending towards rocky wilderness2016 09 16 Reg MargaretP IMG 1279a
                                    Sam's Creek crossing: Barrie pirouettes, Faye ponders, Bill McD is relaxed waiting but Helen A's posture suggests concern2016 09 16 Reg DonW tricky creek crossiongsaOnce past Sam's Creek: A camera tart and its accompanying paparazzi - Lace goanna Varanus varius and various HVB walkers Homo sapiens
2016 09 16 Reg DonW camera tarta2016 09 16 Reg DonW more friendly wildlifea
                                                                                         Fifteen standing safely on the new Calna Creek bridge ....
2016 09 16 Reg MargaretP IMG 1293a .... and from the past, Hill Viewers take sustenance before crossing the old bridge, sensibly

2016 09 16 Reg HelenA 2014 09 14 Mt Ku ring gai to Berowra 1a
                                                                                         Hard to beat this spot for lunch.2016 09 16 Reg ChristineMcA 20160916 131425a

For the record: Margaret P and Claude led Mike, Wendy P, Elaine E, Anne R, Anne G, Don W, Annette, Helen A, Faye, Barrie, Christine McA, Bill McD and two visitors. (Claude was also Tail-end Charlie.)

Words by Margaret P.
Photos by Anne R(1, 3), Don W(2, 6-8), Margaret P(4, 5), Claude(9), Helen A(10) and Christine McA(11).


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