The inaugural SWAT:  an occasional extra activity for the Social Walkers and for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll in areas of interest.

Organised by Margaret B -  Ed.

Seven of us explored Bondi Junction’s heritage including the Tea Gardens Hotel, Mill Hill Rd, some delightful streets of terraces, Cinesound studio and the Star Theatre.  We moved on to Centennial Park for lunch in the shade and a coffee at the Park’s outdoor café. We discussed a Summer Strolls Programme over lunch so watch this space.

Many thanks to Robyn Mickan for co-leading this very pleasant day.


                                                         A view of Clark Island  - hazy day with burning off
2016 11 04 SWAT RobynM 01 view of Clarke Island 4 1
2016 11 04 SWAT RobynM 08 Boot Factory buildingb




The Boot Factory in Spring Street, Bondi Junction, was built in 1892 by William Sidaway and Son, who had been in the boot production business from 1887, in Cowper Street, Bondi Junction. The Factory, a three-storey building, was built well back on land fronting Spring Street. William Sidaway commenced the production of footwear at the factory soon after the building was completed.

         2016 11 04 SWAT Web Boot Factory 1911 ground floor


                                                                       Rex has the day off!                                                                            

2016 11 04 SWAT RobynM 03 outside the church                                                                          Ladies who lunch: this time in Centennial Park

2016 11 04 SWAT RobynM 22 Lunch at C Park


On 1 January 1901, 60,000 people gathered in Centennial Park to witness the proclamation of the Federal Constitution, uniting six formerly independent colonies as one Commonwealth of Australia. The people of Sydney celebrated Federation with a week of festivities.  

2016 11 04 SWAT RobynM 23 Federation Pavilion cropped          2016 11 04 SWAT Web EAS035B rotunda

                                         Where are the iPhones?

2016 11 04 SWAT RobynM 24 Coffee at the Cafe

For the record.
Marg B and Royn M led Diana M, Diana L, Dawn, Jean McD and Rex.


Words by Marg B.
Photos by Robyn M.