2017 08 18 AGM SueS IMG 96512017 08 19 AGM SueS IMG 9654

 President Kurt re-elected for a second term second time around                                                                                 Secretary John G re-elected for an eighth term

2017 08 18 AGM DonWo it was busy in the engine room 2017 08 18 AGM SueS IMG 9653

  HVB members gathered for the AGM                                                               It was busy in the engine room                            

2017 08 18 AGM DonWo president and acolytes

                                                                                                                              President Kurt and acolytes

2017 08 AGM DonWo silent pres and attentive sec

                                                                                                         A silent President and an attentive Secretary

2017 08 18 AGM DonWo a bit late to be checking the balance sheet

                                                                                                  A bit late to be checking the balance sheet Treasurer Don B

 Gallery of HVB Members

 2017 08 18 AGM DonWo an old timer welcomed

 2017 08 18 AGM DonWo experienced observers2017 08 18 AGM DonW and an other old timer

 2017 08 18 AGM DonWo welcome visit from an old friend2017 08 18 AGM DonWo why was one happy and one worried

 2017 08 18 AGM SueS IMG 9655

For the record:

Two weeks before the AGM the Treasurer’s report and the accounts for 2016-2017 were sent to all members, as was the President’s report for the same period.
Thirty nine members and four visitors attended the AGM. Twenty three walkers attended the plus walk and seventeen walkers attended the regular walk (see list in respective walks reports). David E, Ray and Norma attended the AGM but did not walk.
Helen A was Returning Officer and the following were elected un-opposed to the 2017-2018 Management Committee: President Kurt; Vice President Pragati; Secretary John G; Treasurer Don B; Committee members Anne R, Barbara, John M, Mary, Susan C and Rhondda.
Members of the Walks Committee are Deidre (Convenor), Jill, Anne R, Bert, Kurt, Lawrie, Margaret B.
Kurt is HVB’s statistician.

Words by Deidre

Photos Sue S I1, 2, 3, 13),  Don Wo (4 - 12)