Thirty three walkers met at Roseville station looking forward to this very pretty walk joining the Great North Walk at Fullers Bridge and heading deeper into the bush to explore the eastern bank of the Lane Cove River crossing De Burghs Bridge and walking to Macquarie Park Station.

Following some street walking through Roseville we were soon at the Blue Gum Creek Track which meanders through the trees for about 1km before crossing at the intersection of Lady Game Drive and Delhi Road. Walking across Fullers Bridge we soon found the Koonjeree Picnic Area located at the southern end of Lane Cove NP where we enjoyed our morning tea. Aileen joined us at the picnic area and three walkers set out on their Lane Cove Riverside SWAT walk following morning tea. We were now a party of thirty one.

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk HelenA houseRoseville 092832a 22017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk HelenA streetbridge 092306a 2

 2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk HelenA house 093059a 3


2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk DonWo morning tea 22017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk DonWo morningtea 2

 Leaving the Koonjeree Picnic Area we headed across the Lane Cove River Weir which was built in 1938 during the depression. The weir created environmental issues such as silting and a decline in native fish populations. In more recent years, a ‘fish ladder’ has been constructed to allow fish to undertake their natural migration route for breeding.

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk SueS FishLadder 103553 2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Drina bird DSC00099 3

     Intriguing stones of the Fish Ladder at Lane Cove Weir                                                                          Eastern Grey Egret Ardea modesta                                                                                    

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Don Wo tailend charlie encouraging the photographer to hurry

                                                                                                    The tail end encouraging the photographer to hurry

We continued along the GNW walking through a mostly dry forest area passing a large sandstone overhang and through a sandstone cave reaching the Blue Hole downstream of De Burghs Bridge.

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk HelenA Shane 094730a 2                                                                                     Now I wonder what Shane was demonstrating to the girls....      

                                                                                  2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk DonWo wonga vine close up 2           2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk DonWo walkers and wonga wonga vine 3

            Walkers and distant view of the Wonga Wonga Vine Pandorea pandorama                                           Close up view of the Wonga Wonga Vine

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk SueS Gully Communities IMG 94812017 08 25 All TogetherWalk SueS Hillslope Communities IMG 9476

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Drina PragatiElaineAnnette DSC00109 3   2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk ChrisMcA on the track 111822 2

                                                                                                                            Hillviewers enjoying the GNW....

 2017 08 25 All TogetherWalk ChrisMcA peaceful Lane Cove River 112558 2

                                                                                                          Beautiful reflections on a peaceful Lane Cover River

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk SueS ferns 112611

                                                                                  Sun backlighting the ferns around a Blackbutt Eucalyptus pilularis (taken on the recce)

 2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Peter SusanCPeterChrisMcA P1010392 42017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Peter bridgeontrack P1010396 3

 2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Drina cave DSC00119 42017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk Deidre Lunch DSCN5568

    Passing through a sandstone overhang where Hillviewers found rocks, a ledge above the overhang and under the overhang for a scattered but enjoyable lunch spot

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk SueS WhiteSpiderFlower IMG 94892017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk SueS Woollsia IMG 9495

Graceful White Spider Flower Grevillea linearifolia against the salmon coloured trunk of the Smooth-Barked Apple Angophora costata and Woollsia Woollsia pungens

2017 08 25 AllTogetherWalk SueS tunnelundersandstonecaves IMG 94942017 08 25 All Together Walk Sue S Blue Hole reflections 112736

Square tunnel under sandstone caves and Blue Hole reflections....interesting how the sky appears a deeper blue in the water than the actual sky looks (taken on recce) ......words by Sue S

The SWAT walkers enjoyed their Lane Cove Riverside walk.

2017 08 25 SWATWalk RobynMi 05 Cormorants on Lane Cove River 22017 08 25 SWATWalk RobynMi 12 SWAT drinkstop 2

                              Cormorants on the Lane Cove River                                                            Drink stop for the SWAT walkers....photographer Robyn Mi missing

2017 08 25 SWATWalk RobynMi 06 Lane Cove River 2

                                                                                             A lone cormorant watching the ducks on the Lane Cove River           

Coffee was at the ‘Dragonfly Café’ Eden Gardens where we met up with the SWAT walkers.  After leaving Eden Gardens walkers made their way home by either walking to Macquarie Park Station or catching buses to various destinations.

Deidre and Sue S led the following walkers:  Helen A, Margaret B, Don B, Susan C, David C, Elaine E, Annette, Michael and Sue, Anne G, John and Ros, Rosie, Aileen, Diana L, Chris McA, Bill McD and carer (Shane), Dawn, John M, Rex and Robyn, Bert, Margaret P, Pragati, Guenter, Kurt, Vreni, Drina, Don Wo and two visitors. Margaret B, Rex and Robyn left us after morning tea.  A big thank you to Helen A for looking after the tail.

Words by Deidre

Photos by Helen A (1-3, 9), Don Wo (4, 5, 8, 10, 11 ), Sue S (6, 12, 13, 17, 22, 23-25), Drina (7, 14, 20), Chris McA (15, 16 ), Peter R (18, 19), Deidre (21), Robyn Mi (26-28).   Thank you Sue S for all flora identification.