Jul-Dec 2017

Today Hill View walkers were tracing part of the route along the 5 Lands Coastal Walk linking the coastal villages of MacMasters Beach, Copacabana, Avoca Beach, North Avoca and Terrigal. The route along the coastal walkway takes in some of the Central Coast’s most lovely coastline and coastal forest. After a somewhat cloudy start from MacMasters Beach including a few drops of rain the weather improved. After ascending the first of many hills  we visited Allan MacMaster’s gravestone in Corribeg Reserve. Allan MacMaster an early landowner in the area after whom MacMasters Beach was named arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1839 with his wife Catherine and ten children. After a walk alas on soft sand along MacMasters and Copacabana Beaches past Cochrane Lagoon the group followed the most direct but steepest route up to the Captain Cook Memorial Park Lookout.

 We had morning tea at the lookout commemorating Captain Cook’s voyage and exploration in this region in 1770 where there were extensive views along the coastline. Then it was the first of many flights of steps descending down past Winney Bay followed by a zigzagging firetrail back up to the ridge until finally after another long series of steps and pathways through coastal forest we arrived at Avoca Beach and lunch. The weather now fine and clear the group ascended our many many steps back up to the ridge to this time walk the full length of MacMasters Beach once more on soft sand to have coffee at the surf club overlooking the beach. 

2017 09 01 Plus Christine McA 091203                                                                                     Rhondda briefs the group
2107 09 01 Plus Pete resizeP1010430                                                                              Inspecting Allan MacMasters grave
2017 09 01 Plus Susan C P1040845                                                                                                 Heading off along MacMasters Beach 

2017 09 01 Plus Barbara P11004372017 09 01 Plus Barbara P1100436


Fantastic Grass Trees (left)



                                                       Rainbow Lorikeet paradise (right)







2107 09 01 Plus Pete resizeP1010440                                                                                       Morning Tea stop at Captain Cook Look-out

2017 09 01 Plus Drina Downhill through the forest before lunch                                                                                                 On the downhill track through the forest to lunch
2107 09 01 Plus Pete 32017 09 01 Plus Susan C P1040866 Small


Hon Secretary and Ros (left)


Colour Co-ordinated Bella and rocks (right)



2017 09 01 Plus Christine McA 115224                                                                                      Lunchtime view of Avoca Beach
2107 09 01 Plus Pete resizeP1010453
2017 09 01 Plus Christine McA 113012







2017 09 01 Plus Drina Enjoying view of surf









                                                         Ladies at lunch and ladies at rest (Do they ever walk?)
2017 09 01 Plus Christine McA 132242                                                                                                                   Nick at rest above  MacMasters Beach
2017 09 01 Plus Christine McA 132500                                                                           Back down to the beach for the homeward run
2017 09 01 Plus Susan C 42017 09 01 Plus Susan C 2






                                                                                                                                Silky Spider Grevillea                                                                                                                                    Danger- Bluebottle at close range
2017 09 01 Plus Barbara P1100449                                                                        Last lap to coffee!
2107 09 01 Plus Pete resizeP10104622017 09 01 Plus Drina Coffee at last 2


 Round the Rocks as the tide closes in (left)


                Enjoying a well earned coffee (right)



Leaders Jill and Rhondda led Helen A, Nick, Chris B, Susan, Elaine, Michael, Sue F, Anne G, John G, Ros, Mary, Martin, Christine McA, Dawn, Bert, Pragati, Barbara, Guenter, Kurt, Lyn, Drina, Bella, Pete and a casual visitor.

Photos Barbara (4, 5, 18 ), Christine McA(1, 10, 11, 14, 15,),  Drina (7, 13, 20 ), Pete (2, 6, 9, 12, 19), Susan (3, 8, 16, 17)

Words by Jill

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