Today's walk combined perfect hiking weather with lovely bush settings and outstanding coastal views.

We had a small group of seven with no major problems other than keeping our picnic lunch away from the cunning kookaburras. I am sure you have a photo of Barrie (two photos, in fact) not wanting to share his lunch....
The track was well formed with many, many stairs both up and down . The walking distance was a little over 8km and ideal for a regular walk as the grade was the challenge rather than the distance.
We were disappointed to find that only two of the four bronze sculptures remain in Rumbalara Reserve.They were commissioned as a "Salute to Famous Australians" for the State Bicentennial Celebrations of 1988 The 4 sculptures Capt Charles Sturt, Matthew Flinders, Charles Kingsford Smith and Edward John Eyre are still shown on the walking track information board at the Yaruga Picnic spot however only Flinders and Eyre are to be found as I believe the other two have been relocated to another park.

2017 09 01 Reg DonWo 1135 distant views'... lovely bush settings and outstanding coastal views ...'

Lunch time. 
2017 09 01 Reg DonWo 1224 marauding squadron'The squadron leader' and
'The marauding squadron'.
2017 09 01 Reg DonWo 1211 squadron leader

2017 09 01 Reg AnneR 1311 P1150318b2017 09 01 Reg AnneR 1311 P1150321a

When the demarkation line, aka the walking pole, is crossed -- the joke is over.

2017 09 01 Reg DonWo 1154 stragglers straggling2017 09 01 Reg DonWo 1156 leaders waiting

Most of the stragglers greet a local out walking, whilst those in the lead wait patiently.
2017 09 01 Reg AnneR 1355 P1150331 Copy

Lyndy makes friends with Matthew Flinders and John Eyre.
(She will have to go to an unnamed reserve to meeet Charles Sturt
And Charles Kingsford-Smith. See Annette's report.)

2017 09 01 Reg AnneR 1137 P1150312 Copy
In a later email, Don Wo has sent a couple of photos from a previous Regular walk.
2012 06 22 Reg DonWo the missing kingsford smithb'....[These]  may be of some interest. One is the missing Charles Kingsford-Smith [on the right]. The other one is the other missing Charles Sturt.  Both photos taken on 22 June 2012, when poor old Sturt was already hand-less. Other walkers in the photo looking rather younger than they do now!'

2012 06 22 Reg DonWo missing statue missing handsa
2017 09 01 Reg DonWo 1345 Brisbane water

Brisbane Waters.

For the record.

The leaders Annette and David E were followed by Barrie, Lyndy, Anne R, Don Wo and Marilyn.

Photos by Don Wo (1-3, 6, 7, 10-12) and Anne R (4, 5, 8, 9).