At 08:17: 2017 10 27 Plus HelenA 0817 Leader at track heada16 walkers, and no one was optimistic about the weather; most reported making their way from home in rain.
At Cremorne Point Wharf co-leader Nick wears a plastic wrapped street map (keep the land on the left and the water on the right) whilst leader Guenter has a scroll whose text details points of interest.

2017 10 27 Plus Deidre suntryingtoshine 090506aBy 09:05, on the approach to Sirius Cove, the sun was tryng to shine....

2017 10 27 Plus Guenter 20171027 091127a....and Sirius Cove reserve was very pleasant. It was here that we crossed paths with the Regulars (whose photographer recorded the meeting).

2017 10 27 Plus Guenter 20171027 100644aBefore Taronga Ferry Wharf: Classic view.

2017 10 27 Plus Guenter 20171027 100727aAt Bradley's Head 4½ walkers from 13 pictured decided that the rain was not going to come.

2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1008 The trusty ferriesa2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1022 Ships passingaAlso from Bradley's Head, a new ferry and two 'old' sailing ships passed by.

2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1127 Good to sit after all that climbinga2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1137 Gazing at the headsaElaine E and Guenter take a seat after the climb from Chowder Bay to Georges Head; and then back on the track to see the following view:

2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1138 The headsaNorth Head and South Head seen from Georges Head. From here the track leads north for 1.25 km to Middle Head.

2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1144 The down before the upa2017 10 27 Plus HelenA 1216 Towards The Tasman SeaOn the newly refurbished track to Middle Head, where lunch was taken under a sunny sky, looking out through the Heads towards New Zealand.

2017 10 27 Plus Drina 1257 Last lega

After lunch, an easy (that is, no up-hills) half-hour walk to Balmoral Beach and coffee.


Guenter and Nick led Clive, Kurt, Bert, Deidre, Kas, Helen A, Dawn, Elaine E, Barbara, Drina, John B, Martin, Vreni and tail-end charlie Don B.

Photos by Helen A (1, 12), Deidre (2), Guenter (3-5),  Drina (6-11, 13).