Today’s walk around Northbridge and Castlecrag included remnant rainforest and some superb views. Thirteen of us set off from North Sydney station, leaving the bus just north of Cammeray Bridge. We walked down to Tunks Park for our first glimpse of the Harbour, and then skirted the Northbridge golf course through Northbridge Park with some excellent views of Long Bay with its myriad of moored boats – some of them, in Salt Pan Creek, only visible as an iron skeleton barely protruding above the water.

leader at work tunks parkblueberry ash in flower









                   Leader at work in Tunks Park                                                                                                                                                                 Blueberry Ash in flower

A short street walk took us to Fig Tree Point, where a lovely little park has been created from the remnants of The Hallstrom family’s estate. This was a great spot for morning tea, where we watched quite a bit of small boat activity on a calm and peaceful arm of the harbour and fended off seagulls who wanted to share.

 morn tea at hallstrom point

angry hungry seagull2017 11 03 Reg DonW navy at worklea robin aileen at morning tea ph lyndy

                      Angry, hungry seagull                                                                        Lea, Robyn and Aileen                                                                   Navy at work among the boys toys

More street walking led us around the southern shore of Sailors Bay, where we saw some really attractive residences, although in some places the real estate is apparently too valuable to allow for the provision of continuous road verges. Iron props are also needed in one locality to prevent the cliffs from collapsing. We all noted some interesting wildlife atop one of the houses, too.

lots of wildlife

2017 11 03 Reg HelenA20171103 090140 Order in a garden

                  2017 11 03 Reg HelenA20171103 111031 Get out of my view


            Lovely properties and streetscapes abounded, but  some people apparently value their distant views above the beauty on their doorstep.




2017 11 03 Reg HelenA20171103 111312 Streetscape                                        







                                                                                                                                               We didn't realise Clive was so famous! 

2017 11 03 Reg HelenA20171103 111847 house on a corner 1 john g at Clive Park  cliff support





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The steel supports for the cliff face looked a bit old and rusty


 We found a cool peaceful spot for lunch in a shady rainforest remnant on the northern shore of Sailors Bay, but sadly the lyrebird that had entranced us with a continuous rendition of his repertoire at lunch on the recce was not present. 

red white and blue flowers and Northbridge bathsSteve and Jan at lunch ph Lyndy

 White angophora and blue jacaranda flowers added to the Spring beauty of the area, with some red exotica for highlights. Northbridge baths.




                                      Jan and Steve at our rainforest lunch spot.




After lunch we managed the long steep track with plenty of steps (meticulously counted by Barrie) up to the Castlecrag plateau. From here the street walking views included examples of Walter and Marion Griffin architecture. These stone and simply-designed homes are still around and are heritage listed, but they are in a small swamped minority and not always in pristine condition.

2017 11 03 Reg HelenA20171103 124909 WBG houselovely flowers of eucalypt spp

  Classic Walter Burley Griffin!



                                Flowers of Eucalyptus spp. near the coffe shop




We found excellent coffee at a combined homewares/coffee shop, but no-one was tempted by the cut-price cushions available there – everyone apparently convinced they would sleep well enough unaided! After coffee there was some confusion as we decided on transport arrangements, but found that the Plus walkers had had similar problems when sub-sets of the two groups coalesced on buses and trains.

2017 11 03 Reg HelenA20171103 144407 Meeting on a bus

Thirteen walkers enjoyed a pleasant 10km walk. Lyndy and Don Wo led Helen A, Barrie, Annette, Ros and John, Aileen, Robyn Mi, Lea, Wendy P, Steve and Jan.

Photos: Lyndy (5, 14); Helen A (8,9,10,11,15, 18); Don Wo (1,2,3,4,6,7,12,13,16,17).