Ten years of the Social Walks were celebrated today! What a wonderful record for those who have walked consistently with us during this time always bringing with them their smiles and goodwill.
President Kurt was there to help celebrate.

The walk was at Woy Woy and after leaving the station we headed towards the water, stopping for morning tea at a convenient set of tables. We then continued along the waterfront being amused by the antics of various waterbirds, particularly the mother ducks with one or many ducklings to protect. Not even an escape to the water led to privacy for one poor mother and offspring. As we walked further some of us rested, surveying the scene and appreciating the gentle breeze as others went a little further before returning as we had fish etc to buy for lunch.

To truly mark a celebration champagne must play a part. This occurred with enthusiasm and wonderful thoughts of all the walks and companionship through all the years.

Coffee, of course, is a must and this was imbibed at a nearby coffee shop before we caught the train back home full of good cheer and happy memories.

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 1aGetting started...in just a minute...once the paper work is filed

2017 11 03 Soc ray01 2017 11 03 Soc ray04 2017 11 03 Soc ray05Distractions on the way...a new style of posting...next time we can maybe ride...then again, look at the rules

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 3a2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 2a Lyn is asking ''Are these new HVB recruits?"
But these two young bachelors have decided "No. Their pace is too slow".


2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 4a2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 7a2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 6aMorning tea: Clockwise from top left: Elizabeth and Ray; Liz W and Jean Mc; Noel, Pat U, Lyn, Mary and Kath; Elaine G, Margaret D and Norma.
2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 5a

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 15a2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 16aRemember the bachelor ducks?
Here is the distaff side. Somewhat harder working."Mum? Who are these strange people?" "Never mind. And don't worry. They won't want to get wet feet."

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 18a2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 10aWater views and some rest time contemplating one such view.

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 13aThe group, told to pose if it wanted lunch.

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 8aA plover - also looking for lunch?

This is the HVB VIP lunch.2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 24a
Not only fish, chips but also champers.
Mary does the honours, and Peter and Cherry have stopped by.

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 22a
2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 25aLyn reading "You'll never walk alone" sent by Jean and Anne as tribute. (In the true HVB way, Pat is multi-tasking.)

2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 27a2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 26aKath presents a 'thank you Lyn for 10 years "and also "Thank you" to Mary, who tag-teamed with Helen S over the same 10 years.

Walkers Kath, Pat U, Noel, Liz W, Norma, Ray, Margaret D, Elizabeth, Elaine G, Jean McD, Dot, Kurt with leaders Mary and Lyn were joined for lunch by Peter and Cherry

Words by Lyn; photos (2-4) by Ray, other photos by Kurt2017 11 03 Soc Kurt ww 11a.

 And did you think we didn't see pelicans?